This week's episode of NXT opens with a recap of Neville vs. Kidd 2 last week. Then, Natalya is talking with JBL backstage. She suggests the Kidd team with Sami Zayn as a way for him to do something fresh and new. JBL agrees.

Sasha Banks makes her entrance with Summer Rae and Charlotte. She refuses to give Summer Rae a hand slap.

Sasha Banks vs. Alexa Bliss

Sasha shoves Bliss in the face. She locks Bliss in a side headlock. Sasha hits a shoulder takedown. Bliss lands an arm drag. She rolls Sasha up with a tight package, but Sasha kicks out. Bliss lands a monkey flip in the corner. She elbows Sasha in the head. Sasha comes back with a backbreaker. She shoves Bliss's head. Sasha slams Bliss's head to the mat and locks her in a surfboard. Charlotte and Summer start shoving each other around at ring side.

Sasha gets free, and Summer and Charlotte's arguing is getting worse. Sasha keeps the attack up on Bliss. She eventually stops and yells at Charlotte and Summer. Bliss rolls Sasha up off the distraction for the win.

Winner: Alexa Bliss

Summer and Charlotte start having a slap fight. Sasha comes out of the ring and gets involved. Summer leaves, and Sasha stares angrily at Charlotte.

Then, Tyson Kidd is backstage with Natalya. They argue about how Kidd tried to bring a chair into the ring last week. Kidd says that he could have gotten a tag title shot on his own, and Natalya says she was only trying to help.

Back from commercial and a backstage segment is shown with Simon Gotch and Aiden English that has the look of an old school black and white film. They talk about how they're going to take the WWE by storm.

Then, Mojo Rawley makes his entrance.

Mojo Rawley vs. Garrett Dylan

Mojo locks in a side headlock. He takes Dylan to the mat. Dylan gets to his feet. Mojo rams him into the corner. He runs his shoulder into Dylan's stomach, and rams him into another corner. Mojo charges, and Dylan trips him into the corner. Dylan hits a side slam. He kicks Mojo in the back. Dylan clubs Mojo in the back and hits him in the stomach. He chokes Mojo on the middle rope. Dylan locks Mojo in an abdominal stretch. Mojo fights free. He strikes Dylan several times and takes him to the mat. Mojo hits a pair of splashes in the corner and Hyperdrive for the win.

Winner: Mojo Rawley

Then, Sami Zayn approaches Tyson Kidd backstage and asks if he's ready. They say they're going to restart and win the tag titles.

Back from commercial and CJ Parker is protesting around ringside. Simon Gotch and Aiden English make their entrance.

The Vaudevillians vs. Angelo Dawkins and Travis Tyler

Gotch and Dawkins start off. Gotch takes Dawkins to the mat and does one-handed pushups on his back. Dawkins escapes and tags in Tyler. Gotch locks in Tyler's head and tags in English. English hits a neckbreaker. He drops a leg on Tyler. English locks in Tyler's arm, and then snaps it to the mat with his feet. Gotch tags in. He hits Tyler with a snapmare, and then locks in his arm with his feet. He stomps on Tyler's arm and then tags in English.

English hits Tyler in the stomach. Gotch tags back in. He hits Tyler in the mid section. He picks Tyler up on his shoulders. English tags in. Gotch hits Tyler with a rolling senton, and English goes up top. He hits Tyler with a senton bomb for the win.

Winners: The Vaudevillians

Then, Devin Taylor is backstage with Colin Cassady. He says it feels like something has been missing despite his recent wins. It's time everyone starts singing a different tune in NXT. He starts singing the second verse of "It's Amore" by Dean Martin, but stops before saying Amore.

Back from commercial, and Devin is standing with RVD. She asks what his plans are for NXT. He says that all the superstars on RAW and Smackdown come through NXT. He says that he found out Adrian Neville is the best guy, so he wants to wrestle him. Mr. Monday Night is going to be Mr. Thursday Night.

Then, Kalisto makes his entrance.

Kalisto vs. Tyler Breeze

They lock up. Breeze backs Kalisto into the corner. Kalisto reverses out of the corner. They circle each other and tie up again. The ref breaks them up. Breeze locks in a side headlock. He takes Kalisto to the mat, keeping his head locked in. Kalisto gets to his feet, but Breeze takes him to the mat again. Kalisto tries to pin Breeze, but Breeze kicks out, keeping Kalisto's head locked in. Kalisto gets to his feet and tries to break the hold, but Breeze stops him. He takes Kalisto back to the mat. Kalisto gets to his feet and fights out of the hold. He leaps off the second rope and collides into Breeze. Kalisto sends Breeze out of the ring as things go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Breeze is in control. He kicks Kalisto repeatedly in the corner. He locks Kalisto's head back in, this time from the front, on the mat. Kalisto fights out, but Breeze strikes him. Kalisto lands a quick pin attempt. Breeze kicks out and hits a leaping strike. He punches Kalisto several times in the head. Breeze goes for a pin. He clubs Kalisto in the back. Breeze locks Kalisto's head back in from the front and takes him to the mat.

Kalisto gets to his feet. Breeze goes for a corner bulldog, but Kalisto breaks free. Breeze tries to attack, but Kalisto rolls to the mat. Kalisto kicks Breeze from the apron. Kalisto hits a springboard crossbody. They both get to their feet at nine. Kalisto kicks Breeze. He goes for a pin, but then kicks Breeze in the head. Kalisto goes up top and leaps off, but Breeze moves. He bounces off the ropes, and Breeze hits the beauty shot for the win.

Winner: Tyler Breeze

Back from commercial and Tyson Kidd makes his entrance.

NXT Tag Team Championship
Sami Zayn and Tyson Kidd vs. The Ascension (c)

Zayn and Viktor start off. Viktor hits Zayn in the back. He strikes Zayn in the corner. Viktor chops him in the chest. He hits Zayn in the back again. Zayn comes back with a heel kick. Viktor takes Zayn to his corner. Konnor tags in. He uppercuts Zayn. Konnor kicks Zayn several times in the corner. Viktor tags in. He chops Zayn and uppercuts him. Viktor kicks Zayn in the corner. Konnor tags in. He hits Zayn with multiple strikes and kicks. Viktor tags back in. He hits Zayn with a back suplex.

Kidd drops down off the apron and acts like he is going to leave. Viktor continues attacking Zayn. Zayn hits Konnor off the apron and goes up top. He hits Viktor with a crossbody and tries to tag in Kidd, but Kidd is on the outside. Zayn argues with Kidd, and doesn't see that Konnor tagged in. Konnor charges Zayn and hits him with a body avalanche. Viktor tags in, and they hit the fall of man on Zayn for the win.

Winners and still champions: The Ascension

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