Steve Austin On If He's A Bigger Legend Than Hulk Hogan, How WWE Can Improve

Former WWE superstar Stone Cold Steve Austin joined Shan & RJ of Texas' 105.3 The Fan, and spoke about many topics including the Dallas Cowboys, Austin's latest projects, and fellow pro wrestlers.

Austin was put on the spot and asked who was the bigger legend between him and Hulk Hogan.

"If you're talking to me, it's going to be Stone Cold Steve Austin," said Austin. "If you guys are talking to Hulk, it's going to be him."

After Austin comically shared his opinion with both hosts, he praised the "Hulkster" for his contributions to pro wrestling.

"I respect Hulk Hogan because his career lasted some 30 odd years," Austin stated. "I think I lasted about 15, but during my peak years, I took the business to a height it never seen before.

When says to anybody off the street, 'Hey, do you know anything about pro wrestling?' They'll say, 'Yeah, wasn't that guy Hulk Hogan a pro wrestler?' His name might come to your mind before mine, so I give that guy all due respect. He had a tremendous run."

The hosts then informed Austin had won their fan poll with 70% of the votes.

Austin was then asked if WWE's current product makes him upset, because of the PG rating and how entertainment comes first with the promotion. Austin said their number one goal is to entertain all demographics, but also said a way to improve the product would be to have great wrestling matches, make the titles mean something, and add some personal storylines into the mix.

He also isn't a fan of the juvenile humor, and that nobody takes it seriously because of the shenanigans. He said it doesn't have to go back to the "Attitude Era," but some things should be left out.