Thanks to readers Matthew Popa, Louis Hogarth, BlandyBoreton, Jarrod, Patrick Crowle & Ryan for sending in these results from last night's WWE live event in Melbourne.

From Matthew Popa & Louis Hogarth

- The night kicked off with Usos getting a huge pop. Next up was Harper and Rowan, who actually got a great reaction, with almost no heat. This match had great back and forth action, much like there Battleground match. It ended with Jey Uso hitting the splash on Harper from the top rope. This was easily one the best matches of the night, and went for about 15 minutes.

- Next up was Bo Dallas. He actually got a great pop, and cut a promo telling the audience to BOlieve in themselves. Next R-Truth came out to a huge reaction. This was a a decent match, which ended with R-Truth getting the win. After the match, Bo tried to attack R-Truth, but was flung over the top rope. Bo still did his victory lap.

- Next was Fandango vs Diego, who was not accompanied by El Torito. This match was very average, and the crowd wasn't engaged at all. The match ended with Diego getting the win, to almost no reaction.

- Next was The Miz, who came out in a white suit and cut his usual promo, talking about his "money maker". Kofi Kingston then came out to a great ovation. The Miz sold an injury in this match for about 5 minutes, which even saw trainers getting involved. It looked very convincing until Miz hit a cheap shot on Kingston. This match was actually very good, and ended with the Miz rolling Kofi up after a cross body. The Miz probably got the most heat of the night, copping a "you are a wanker" chant multiple times.

- Next up was Bray Wyatt, who entered the ring accompanied by Harper and Rowan. Wyatt got a huge reaction, and the crowd sung along with him. There was some technical issues with his video package before he came out. Chris Jericho was out next, who came out to one of the biggest pops of the night. This was easily there best encounter so far, with highlights being Wyatt's crab walk and Jericho's Lionsault. The Uso's made a save in this match after Harper and Rowan interfered. They both hit a double suicide dive on them. The match saw Jericho winning with the code breaker.

- After the match, Jericho cut a promo thanking the crowd, and then brought out his friend Daniel, and his girlfriend and kid. Daniel then proposed to his girlfriend in the middle of the ring to a huge "Yes" chant. She said yes.

- 15 minute intermission.

- After the intermission, Layla and Alicia Fox came out to almost no reaction. Next was Nikki Bella who received a big pop, followed by Emma, who obviously got a huge reaction since it was in her home town of Melbourne. This was a surprisingly great match, which saw Niki Bella execute some impressive moves. The match ended with Layla submitting to the Emma-Lock to a huge pop.

- Next was the United States title match. First out was RVD, to a huge reaction. Next was Cesaro, who the crowd loved even though he was playing the heel. Sheamus then came out to one of the biggest pops of the night. The match started out with Cesaro getting beaten on first. This match was great, and saw all competitors hitting there signitures, including the Cesaro swing. It ended with Sheamus hitting the Brogue Kick on Cesaro for the win to a huge reaction.

- Ric Flair came out to be the special guest referee for the main event of Roman Reigns vs Kane. Flair got the biggest pop of the night, and managed to do his strut in the ring. Kane came out to no heat, but actually got a lot of cheers. Roman Reigns then came out to probably the second biggest reaction of the night. This match was a street fight, and it contained some good spots. These included reigns getting thrown into the steel steps and getting choke slammed through a table. Kane pushed Flair away after a near fall, which caused Flair to take Kanes leg out from under him. This led to multiple chops from Flair on Kane, which Reigns took advantage of and speared Kane for the win. Although Falir was a bit slow on the counts, it didn't effect the overall quality of the match.

- Reigns then took the mic and thanked all the fans for coming out tonight.

From Jarrod:

Hey Raj, just got back from the show, was a great event! Nearly 13,000 in attendance, only a few seats here and there that weren't filled.

Anyways, here's a rundown of what happened at the show:

The Usos v Harper and Rowan first up for tag team championships, very good match as per normal with these two teams, chants for both teams throughout the match, Usos got the win with the big splash

Bo Dallas v R-Truth: Bo cut a promo before the match, was over fairly quickly with R-Truth winning via a roll up, Bo still did his victory lap after the match anyway

Fandango v Diego: Standard match which was at least better than the ones they have had on TV, Diego with the victory from his finisher. CM Punk, Yes!, Y2J and Justin Roberts chants during the match

Bray Wyatt then cut a promo for his upcoming match against Chris Jericho

Miz v Kofi Kingston: Good back and forth match, The Miz is such an easy person to hate and plays the heel role very well, cut a promo before the match and got great heat from the crowd, kept playing the moneymaker card as well and eventually won via rollup. Nice cheer for Kofi as he went to the back

Chris Jericho v Bray Wyatt: Match of the night for me, bit more intensity than their Battleground match, chemistry was more evident as well. Chants for both wrestlers and a 'This is Awesome' chant as well. Harper and Rowan went to attack Jericho but The Usos came back out and made the save, Jericho countered Sister Abigail into the codebreaker for the win

After the match Jericho cut a promo thanking the crowd for all their support through his career, and then bought a special friend to the stage (who has been on his podcast before), who ended up proposing to his girlfriend in the middle of the ring. Big yes chants from everyone as it happened

After the intermission was the Divas tag match between Alicia Fox/Layla and Nikki Bella/Emma. Big pop for Emma in her hometown, Fox attracted considerable heat for attacking Emma during the match, Emma got the hot tag and won via submission in a pretty solid tag match (better than you would see on Raw/Smackdown)

Sheamus v Cesaro v Rob Van Dam - big cheers for all 3 individuals (most for RVD), crowd was chanting throughout the match, Cesaro did the swing on Sheamus before Sheamus got the win via the Brogue Kick

Roman Reigns v Kane - big pop for Ric Flair as the special guest referee, lots of wooing throughout the night, lots of weapons used and Kane attacked Flair after a slow count, Ric hit back and eventually Roman got the superman punch and spear on Kane for the victory. Decent match, others were better though.

Biggest Pops - Chris Jericho, Roman Reigns, Emma
Biggest Heat - The Miz, Kane, Alicia Fox

From BlandyBoreton:

This was the first WWE show I've been to in years, I turned up like 3 hours early in the hope of possibly acquiring Ambrose's new shirt, it was not there. I waited outside with several strange folk, whom I overheard saying ''Cena is da best because he is nice and respects his opponents'' and that ''Reigns' punch is super powerful.''

The show started with a video promo from HHH, which got some nice heat as well as cheers when he said ''Are you ready?''

Opener was Usos vs The Wyatts. Pretty fun match, Usos were really over, The Wyatts got a nice reaction too, there were some dueling chants. Usos won.

Next was Bo vs. R-Truth, Bo was majestic and cut a humorous promo about us having dreams but how we won't achieve them. Bo lost, tears were shed, he did a victory lap anyway.

Next was Fandango vs. Diego, nobody really cared, plenty of random chants, including a ''CM Punk'' one. Diego won.

Then The Miz came out, cut a funny heel promo about how if his opponent doesn't hit his face, he will make him an extra in The Marine 5, it turned out to be Kofi. Miz got a loud ''You're a wanker'' chant, he also feigned an injury in order to get the upper hand. Miz ended up retaining.

Jericho vs. Bray was next, Jericho got one of the biggest pops of the night, Bray got a good reaction too. These two seem to gelling a little better now, the match was fun and probably the best of the night. Harper and Rowan got involved and The Usos evened the odds. Jericho won with the Codebreaker.

Jericho then brought a fan into the ring who proposed to his girlfriend, lots of ''Yes'' chants.

After the intermission, it was Layla and Alicia Fox vs. Nikki Bella and Emma, who got probably the biggest reaction of the night due to Melbourne being her hometown. Crowd was really into this match due to Emma's involvement. All four of these women are freakin' stunning in real life, especially Layla. Emma got the win.

Triple threat match for the US title was next, RVD got a big pop, Cesaro got a decent reaction, and Sheamus got a big pop. Fun match, Cesaro's antics were funny early on. The match got a ''this is awesome'' chant (not that it means much in this day and age). Sheamus retained after hitting Cesaro with Brogue Kick. Sheamus and RVD showed respect after the match.

Main event was next, Special guest referee, Ric Flair came out first, so many ''Woooo's'' all night long. Kane came out to a minimal reaction, Reigns got a pretty big pop. Match was boring as hell, it was pretty much the same match we saw on Raw, with the exact same table spot. There were lots of ''Woooos'' every time Naitch did the count. Kane chucked Flair across the ring out of frustration, Flair fought back with chops and a chop block, Kane eventually goozled him but Reigns hit the Superman punch and then the spear. I think Reigns cut a promo but I left because I had no interest in hearing it.also: people seem to be excited about Reigns when he first enters, but then they are pretty quiet during his matches.

Biggest pops: Emma (and Nikki Bella, by association), Jericho, Flair, RVD, Reigns,Sheamus Usos

Biggest heat: The Miz, The Wyatt Family, Layla, Alicia Fox, Kane

From Patrick Crowle:

Opening match Uso's retained against Wyatt's, hot opener the crowd was split these teams have great chemistry

R-Truth defeated Bo Dallas via roll up a short match that saw Dallas get solid heat

Diego defeated Fandango another short match that saw little crowd involvement

Miz retained over kofi Kingston the Miz got great heat that man can really draw heat if he wants too a solid back and forth match kofi got an okay pop

Chris Jericho defeated bray Wyatt with a code breaker fantastic match that received a this is awesome chant

Jericho was way over huge pop and Wyatt had a mixed reaction but the crowd was very into his entrance

The crowd loved everything Jericho did, after the match he brought a member of the crowd called Daniel into the ring with his girlfriend and daughter the man proceeded to propose to his girlfriend a huge yes chant broke out


A solid divas tag match

Nikki Bella and Emma defeated Alicia fox and Layla great reaction for the hometown girl and for Nikki Bella at one point Nikki hit a disaster kick type move

Triple threat for the US championship
Sheamus defeated RVD and Cesaro. Awesome match RVD and Sheamus received huge pops and cesaro a mixed reaction all competitors held their own and provided a great match

Main event: Roman Reigns defeated Kane in a street fight with Ric flair as special guest referee. Solid main event, the crowd couldn't stop wooing the entire match and Ric flair even got some chops in on Kane. Overall a great show

Biggest pops: Jericho, Flair, RVD, Reigns and Sheamus
Most heat: the miz and Bo Dallas

From Ryan:

Currently walking to my car after the wwe live melbourne, I have been to id say the last 5 wwe events in melbourne and that was by far the best one I've been to, quality matches, the crowd was up and chanting all night long by far! As I'm walking to my car I can still hear ric flair chants, cena sucks chants, bray wyatt singing, just thought I'd share it with you guys, Cesaro vs RVD vs sheamus and bray wyatt vs Chris Jericho was by far the best matches, also Jericho brought a friend in the ring and he proposed to his girlfriend

Match listing:
Usos def wyatt brothers
R truth def Bo Dallas (big pop)
El torito def fandango
Miz def kofi
Jericho def bray wyatt
Emma (huge pop for local girl) and nikki bella def Layla and Alicia fox
Sheamus def RVD and Cesaro
Roman reigns def Kane (not the best match but still a good ending)

Fantastic night, I really wish wwe would bring a tv taping to australia
It was also a sell out, not a seat left.

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