Kurt Angle was doing media in Pittsburgh today and was interviewed by local CBS Pittsburgh affiliate KDKA-2, which you can watch above. Here are some highlights:

* Angle noted that he's still with TNA and that the company "was doing really well." He said that he's been with TNA for seven years because of his strenuous WWE schedule.

* He talked about how tough pro wrestling is, and noted that the ring is made out of plywood and it takes its toll on your body.

* He talked about breaking his neck five times, but said that his neck has been fine for nine years.

* He's 45 years old and feels great, but doesn't plan on wrestling much longer. He said that he had a great career with WWE, but actually had a better career in TNA. He plans to hang it up in 2-3 years.

* He has a "nice, solid part" in a movie with Marisa Tomei and Christopher Walken that's a spinoff of the 1978 Clint Eastwood starrer, Every Which Way But Loose. In the original, Eastwood was an underground fighter, while in the new one, it is based on an underground MMA fighter. Filming begins at the end of August.

* He talked about winning the Olympic gold medal and admitted that it was the highlight of his career.

* He talked about being a small part of the campaign to save wrestling in the Olympics, and noted that it's going to be OK and that wrestling will have to abide by the IOC's rules.

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