Superstars opens with Emma making her entrance. Renee Young and Tom Phillips are on commentary.

Emma vs. Alicia Fox

Fox locks in Emma's arm. Emma rolls around and kicks Fox in the chest. Fox charges. Emma moves and gets down on her hands and knees. Fox bounces off the ropes and trips over Emma. Fox rolls to the outside. She yells at Emma not to embarrass her. Emma goes to the apron and grabs Fox's hair. Fox trips Emma, and Emma falls to the floor. Fox sends Emma back inside. She slams her head into the mat. Fox hits a northern lights suplex and locks in Emma's head from behind. She picks Emma up and tosses her through the ropes.

Emma gets back inside, and Fox foes for the pin. Emma kicks out. Fox charges Emma in the corner. Emma puts her elbow up. Emma slaps Fox and goes for a quick pin attempt. She knocks Fox to the mat and then clotheslines her. Fox rams Emma into the corner and slaps her head. Fox whips Emma into another corner and charges. Emma moves and locks Fox in the dilemma. Emma leaps off the top and hits a crossbody. She locks in the Emma lock and Fox taps.

Winner: Emma

Back from commercial and Seth Rollins vs. Rob Van Dam from RAW is shown, including Dean Ambrose's attack. This is followed, after another commercial break, by a video hyping the buildup to Stephanie McMahon vs. Brie Bella at SummerSlam, including footage of the segment with Stephanie and Daniel Bryan's "personal trainer" from RAW.

Back from commercial and Adam Rose makes his entrance.

Adam Rose vs. Fandango

They lock up, and Fandango dances away. They lock up again, and Fandango hits a shoulder tackle. Rose comes back with a pair of arm drags. Rose lands a crossbody. He tosses Fandango over the top rope as things go to commercial. Back from commercial and Fandango is striking Rose in the corner. Rose reverses and kicks Fandango multiple times. He mule kicks Fandango several times and hits a vertical suplex. Rose lands a back elbow. Fandango pulls him into the second rope and hits a big clothesline. He whips Rose into the corner. Fandango hangs Rose's upper body over the apron, and slams his head into it.

Fandango locks in Rose's head. Rose gets free and goes for a quick pin attempt. Fandango takes Rose down and goes for a pin of his own. Fandango locks in Rose's head from behind. Rose backs into the corner to break the hold. He hits several back elbows to the sides of Fandango's head. Rose lands a spine buster and a clothesline in the corner. He follows up with the party foul for the win.

Winner: Adam Rose

Back from commercial and Paul Heyman's promo from RAW is shown. John Cena's response and Hulk Hogan's birthday party follow this to end the show.

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