Alberto Del Rio Gets Physical At TripleMania (Video), Former WWE Wrestler Takes Shot At Seth Rollins

- Sunday night's Triplemanía XXII event kicked off with El Patron (Alberto Del Rio), accompanied by his father, Dos Caras, speaking out against WWE by claiming that the sports-entertainment organization was racist. They were then confronted by the Los Perros del Mal stable. After one of the members laid his hands on Caras, El Patron ran after the stable and cleared house, while officials reminded him that he has the no-compete clause from WWE. The show ended with El Patron attacking Los Perros del Mal leader El Hijo del Perro Aguayo, after his win in the main event. Here is footage of the former WWE Superstar's physical encounter.

- While watching SummerSlam Sunday night, former WWE wrestler Gene Snitsky took a jab at Seth Rollins' billed weight.

After the 2014 Money in the Bank winner was introduced at 217 pounds for his match against Dean Ambrose, Snitsky wrote on Twitter, "217 lbs..... wow I'd say closer to 200.... lmfao #smallfry."

Snitsky graded SummerSlam a "C-" and also posted a fan message asking why WWE let him go (in 2008) when he's "great."

- Former WWE creative writer John Carle was among those in attendance at SummerSlam in Los Angeles, California. He wrote on his Twitter account, "I get better tickets now then when I worked there. #weird."