Source: The Phoenix New Times

The Phoenix New Times has an interview with Jimmy Uso, who was promoting tonight's SmackDown taping tonight at the US Airways Center. Here are a few highlights:

The success of his cousin, Roman Reigns:

"He's just killing it, man. Roman's been doing this for a short while, man, so to see him come here and [how] they have all these high hopes for him and they've got big things going on for Roman Reigns in the WWE is awesome. And he's delivering. And that's what we do, we deliver when the opportunity arises. And he's definitely doing that. He's gonna be a big thing in the WWE. Definitely one of the next WWE World Heavyweight Champions."

If he is close with his other cousin, The Rock:

"More like my dad is close with Rocky. I've met him, but he's a busy man with his movies and everything. You get to know him in passing. So, really, we're not that close. We always send tweets or auntie Ata, which is Rocky's mom, she'll text us here and there, asking 'You guys doing good?' Stuff like that. I understand he's a busy man. He's a mogul now."

If there should be more tag teams in WWE:

"Definitely, man. I feel like the tag-team division now is starting to get a little more amped up because of us, The Wyatts, and Rybaxel going out there and putting tag-team wrestling where it should be. But I definitely think there should be a lot more tag teams because it ain't wrestling without tag teams. Tag teams have been here since day one."

Jimmy also discussed influences on his career, his tattoos, if he is the Shawn Michaels of the Usos, his wife Naomi and more. You can read the full interview by clicking here.

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