- In the video above Chris Jericho talks after his match against Kane, putting the Big Red Corporate Monster over by noting his power and his status as a veteran performer in WWE. Y2J says he's ready for Orton next and sounds pretty confident that he'll walk away with yet another victory.

- Not content to see her team win the Divas tag match on Monday Night Raw, Nikki delivered a vicious beatdown to her sister Brie after the match was over. She didn't stick around to mix it up with A.J. Lee or celebrate with Paige, either. Instead she made a bee-line to the backstage area where she gave a short interview saying that she had no remorse for her actions in the ring and that she's bound to stay on top. In fact, Nikki Bella is confident that she'll snare the gold at Night of Champions.

- Entitling The Great Khali's Fallout segment as "Move Over Kevin Costner," WWE makes the subtle concession that the big man's acting chops don't quite measure up to his physical presence. Nevertheless, Khali's shenanigans with Cena and Heyman surely garnered some chuckles during Raw and his "Fallout" interview segment is icing on the proverbial cake. In one riveting exchange, Khali adamantly declares that he's not going to buy Heyman a new phone. Judging from the looks of the phone that Khali smashed on Raw, it's a safe bet that Heyman can find one just like it at the dollar store that's right down the street from the CajunDome.

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