WWE Considering Second Season Of New Series, Original Idea For The Repo Man, Birthdays

- In the video above, Title Match Wrestling talks with former WWE star Barry Darsow, who appeared as The Repo Man and Smash of Demolition, among other gimmicks. Darsow says Vince McMahon was trying to get away from the painted face gimmicks of Demolition and Darsow wanted to keep a job so he came up with The Repo Man gimmick. Darsow, who really repossessed cars, wanted the character to do things for kids and be a babyface but that never happened. This led to Darsow leaving the company. He adds that Vince always treated him good.

- Former WWE star D-Lo Brown turns 44 years old today while WWE Hall of Famer Pedro Morales turns 72. Also, today would have been the 69th birthday of former WWE star Bad News Brown.

- With Nickelodeon picking up the first run of WWE Slam City, there's talk of producing a second series, according to PWInsider. Nick is owned by Viacom, which owns Spike TV, meaning that this is the first time a WWE product is airing on a Viacom channel since WWE left Spike years ago to go back to NBC Universal and the USA Network.