This week's sitdown interview with Michael Cole features Christian. Cole said Triple H is off dealing with The Authority issues. Cole referred to Christian as a WWE Legend.

* They talk about The Peep Show returning to SmackDown this week. Christian's guest will be Dean Ambrose. He's looking forward to seeing what makes Ambrose tick.

* Cole brought up Edge and Syfy's Haven. The show producers thought it would be great if Edge and Christian appear on the show together. Christian called it a great experience. He said WWE fans who watch the show will gravitate to their same chemistry that they had in WWE. The episode airs November 28th.

* They talked about Survivor Series being free on the WWE Network. Christian said his career took off after being on Team Bischoff in 2003. Christian says everything will change in WWE after Survivor Series, regardless if Team Cena or Team Authority wins. He said some Superstars will see their careers flourish while others will hit bumps in the road and that's why it's the Survivor Series.

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