The show starts with a recap of last week's episode

Cedric Alexander vs. Tommaso Ciampa

Cedric Alexander knocks Ciampa off the apron and hits a suicide dive before the match even starts. A superfly splash from Alexander gets a two count and the two trade shots. Ciampa slides out of the ring as Alexander gains an advantage. Alexander follows and throws Ciampa into the guard rail.

Ciampa gains the upper hand outside as the two brawl, but finally make their way back inside. Alexander comes off the top rope with a springboard clothesline and a dropkick. Alexander goes for another dropkick in the corner but is caught and tossed over the top rope as we go to commercial.

Coming back, Ciampa is firmly in control as he puts the boots to Alexander. Ciampa lands an awesome knee to Alexander's head while he's draped over the second rope but only gets two. Ciampa drives elbows into Alexander's neck, but Alexander reverses a suplex and a waistlock before being slammed to the mat from the second rope, cutting off his comeback attempt. Ciampa hits two sick knees in the corner but as he goes for a third Alexander counters with a springboard kick.

Cedric Alexander with a Michinoku Driver for two as the crowd goes crazy. The two trade punches and Ciampa hits a Knockout Knee for 2. Alexander comes back with Kick to Kill and only gets two. Alexander follows up with a big kick but gets hit with a giant clothesline on the rebound for two. Cedric Alexander accidentally hits the ref and looks worried because of RoH's zero-tolerance policy.

Ciampa takes the tag rope off and chokes Alexander with it. The ref wakes up and checks Alexander's arm, and declares Ciampa the winner.

Nigel McGuinness comes to the ring and has the referee reverse the decision due to the blatant cheating.

Winner: Cedric Alexander

After the match Ciampa hits Alexander with a chair, and then suplexes him on to it.

- We see promos from Jay Lethal talking about next week's title match with RD Evans, and the Briscoe Brothers promoting this week's main event.

Worst Case Scenario vs. RD Evans & Moose

Elijah Evans starts off against Moose and can't get the big man off his feet. On the third shoulder block Moose lands a huge drop kick, then subsequently back body drops Ethan Case. Moose tags Evans who goes for a small package for two.

Elijah Evans kicks RD as he hits the rops and Worst Case Scenario do a number on RD. They work him over with strikes until he makes them collide and gets to Moose for the hot tag. Moose hits some soft landing clotheslines and splashes to clean house, then comes off the top rope with a nice looking body press and then tags to Evans.

Evans goes for the same body press but is knocked off the the top rope, and Moose accidentally runs into him. Moose lies over the top rope, and RD Evans is caught with a big flapjack punch from Worst Case Scenario, but Moose breaks up the count. Moose gets a big spear on Case, and then RD Evans climbs on top of his shoulders for the assisted diving head butt for the win.

Winners: RD Evans & Moose

- Kevin Kelly is in the ring to interview Michael Elgin, and Elgin says he wants to start a new chapter in Ring of Honor. He takes off his suit jacket (while chewing tobacco) and puts it on Kelly's head, who leaves. Elgin was told to apologize to ROH and the fans and sarcastically does so. He says he's going to make things difficult for RoH and "when you pray for the rain, you have to deal with the mud."

Matt Taven & Michael Bennett (w/Maria) vs. Briscoe Brothers

The Briscoes jump Taven & Bennett outside, but the heels gain the advantage by using the guard rails. Finally the action goes inside and Bennett dropkicks Mark Briscoe. A big punch from Jay sends Bennett back outside and Taven/Jay are inside.

Mark tries to suplex Bennett through the announce table but it's blocked, so instead he lands a blockbuster off the apron on to Taven. Back inside Bennett hits a super kick and the Box Office Smash uranage, then blasts Mark on the apron with a spear. Bennett is on fire as he tosses Mark into the guard rail before the commercial.

Back from the break finally some order is restored as everyone is in the ring and the apron, but Mark Briscoe is getting worked over. Taven hits a Big Elbow drop for two, and Bennett slams Mark to the mat, and then the Matt Hardy second rope leg drop, also for two.

Taven gets the tag and punishes Mark with a Moonlight Drive before making the tag to Bennett. As Bennett tries to suplex Mark, he gets put in a small package for two, and responds with a big clothesline. Taven is tagged and goes up top but is knocked off, and the hot tag is made to Jay, who destroys everyone with clotheslines and boots. Jay with a falcon arrow on Bennett, and then throws his brother into the corner for an assisted splash for two.

Mark comes off the top rope and blasts Taven with a big knee, followed by his redneck kung fu moves and Cluck N Roll. He goes for a frog splash, but is pushed off the top rope. When Jay attacks Bennett for doing it, Taven lands a suicide dive on both outside for it. Back inside Taven capitalizes with a superkick for a nearfall. Mark narrowly escapes a Doomsday Device and Jay connects on Taven with a Jay-Driller or the win.

Winners: Briscoe Brothers

Adam Cole attacks the Briscoes but is beaten down easily. As Mark goes to the top rope Maria pushes him off through a table, and the Kingdom destroys the Briscoes as well as security. Bennett hits a Twist of Fate to close the show.

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