Lucha Underground Results (11/19): Johnny Mundo Vs. Big Ryck, New Wrestler Debuts

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- The show kicks off with a video recap of the Dario Cueto/Johnny Mundo feud. Mundo will face Big Ryck this week.

Sexy Star vs. Ivelisse

Before the match, Star cuts a promo saying she'll end Chavo and the Guerrero dynasty for what he did to her and Blue Demon Jr. Ivelisse says Star doesn't belong wrestling with the guys.

Star kicks things off with a hiptoss and an arm drag but Ivelisse cuts her down with a clothesline. Ivelisse goes for another but Star uses a Matrix move to duck. Star lands a running head scissors but eats turnbuckle from an Ivelisse drop toe hold.

Ivelisse rubs Star's face into the mat, and then hits a kick to Star's chest for two. Star works her way up and the two trade chops until Star connects with a Codebreaker that has both girls reeling. Star with a couple of elbows and a couple of rolling suplexes, but she can't get the three count.

Ivelisse with a big slap and a guillotine choke dropped into a DDT for a nearfall. Out of nowhere Star rolls Ivelisse up with a cradle and gets the win.

Winner: Sexy Star (via cradle pin)

- Dario Cueto is backstage with Drago and says he wants to see what Drago is made of.

- Pengaton Jr is in the ring and says no one in Mexico respects him. He says he'll make everyone respect him.

Pentagon Jr vs. Fenix

Pentagon tries to roll Fenix up after a kick, but can't keep him down. Fenix with a standing moonsault and the two trade pin attempts and square off. Fenix then lands a running headscissors and flips over the top rope to the outside on to Pentagon. Back inside he flies through the air with a springboard leg drop but gets two.

Back on the feet Pentagon hits a nice superk kick. Fenix answers with a top rope dropkick and a springboard 360 armdrag followed by a springboard corkscrew tope to the outside. Fenix's pace is total insanity.

Penatgon reverses the momentum with a lung blower, but Fenix hits the Lethal Injection handspring cutter for two. Penatgon comes right back with a piledriver/slam combo, but can't get the pin. The two go outside and Fenix blasts Pentagon with a big kick. The two keep going back and forth with Pentagon landing a reverse Infrared, which was spectacular.

Pentagon goes up top but Fenix kicks him and wins with the Spanish Fly!

Winner: Fenix (via Spanish Fly)

- A vignette hyping King Cuerno's debut tonight aired.

King Cuerno vs. Drago

Cuerno gains the advantage right out of the gate, but Drago hits a big enziguri. Cuerno wont have any of it and levels Drago with a clothesline. He works Drago over in the corner but Dragon with a scissors whip. Drago goes for another head scissors but Cuerno hits a big reverse power bomb.

Cuerno takes the laces of his wrist guard across the eyes, then throws the referee down in front o Drago but Drago jumps off of the ref and hits Cuerno! Cuerno retreats but Drago flips over the ropes onto Cuerno. Cuerno gets back in the ring first, knocks Drago down and comes out with a suicide dive of his own. Drago comes off the ropes with an arm drag/pin sequence and scores the victory.

Winner: Drago

- Prince Puma is shown working out, and Konnan tells him to stay out of the Johnny Mundo/Big Ryck match even if Cisco and Castro get involved. Puma doesn't say a word.

Big Ryck vs. Johnny Mundo

Mundo is aggressive, landing leg kicks and elbows from the jump. Mundo tries to use his speed but gets dropped with a shoulder block. Mundo avoids a few moves and scores with a see-saw kick in the ropes. Ryck gets frustrated and flattens Mundo with forearms.

Ryck goes to toss Mundo across the ring but Mundo does a flip and lands on his feet.
Ryck cuts him off and maintains momentum. Ryck methodically works over Mundo with stomps, chokes and a body slam but only gets a two count.

Mundo works his way back into things with kicks and a Moonlight Drive but Ryck easily and powerfully kicks out. Ryck goes for his uranage but Mundo escapes out the back and counters with a spring board kick.

During the match Castro and Cisco are shown taking out Prince Puma backstage. As we cut back, Mundo is going for Starship Pain, but Cisco and Castro attack him, causing a DQ.

Winner: Johnny Mundo (via DQ)

Mundo gets the best of Cisco and Castro but Ryck levels Mundo with a clothesline. Cisco and Castro go out and grab a table. Ryck sends Mundo crashing through the table with his uranage finish.