Lucha Underground Results (11/19): Johnny Mundo Vs. Big Ryck, New Wrestler Debuts

Winner: Drago

- Prince Puma is shown working out, and Konnan tells him to stay out of the Johnny Mundo/Big Ryck match even if Cisco and Castro get involved. Puma doesn't say a word.

Big Ryck vs. Johnny Mundo

Mundo is aggressive, landing leg kicks and elbows from the jump. Mundo tries to use his speed but gets dropped with a shoulder block. Mundo avoids a few moves and scores with a see-saw kick in the ropes. Ryck gets frustrated and flattens Mundo with forearms.

Ryck goes to toss Mundo across the ring but Mundo does a flip and lands on his feet.
Ryck cuts him off and maintains momentum. Ryck methodically works over Mundo with stomps, chokes and a body slam but only gets a two count.

Mundo works his way back into things with kicks and a Moonlight Drive but Ryck easily and powerfully kicks out. Ryck goes for his uranage but Mundo escapes out the back and counters with a spring board kick.

During the match Castro and Cisco are shown taking out Prince Puma backstage. As we cut back, Mundo is going for Starship Pain, but Cisco and Castro attack him, causing a DQ.

Winner: Johnny Mundo (via DQ)

Mundo gets the best of Cisco and Castro but Ryck levels Mundo with a clothesline. Cisco and Castro go out and grab a table. Ryck sends Mundo crashing through the table with his uranage finish.

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