- The decision to add Erick Rowan to John Cena's Survivor Series was a last minute choice. Sheamus had still been pegged to join the team, but as we reported earlier was forced to undergo surgery. This left WWE with limited options, and led to Rowan filling in on short notice.

- Kofi Kingston appeared on WDBJ to promote this past week's Raw and briefly spoke about rivalries in the WWE. When asked if the rivalries on screen were real, Kingston said that it's often hit or miss, but some of the best rivalries on-screen comes from those who don't get along off-screen. You can see the whole video here.

- WWE has posted an article featuring superstars and their Survivor Series Dream teams. Some of the picks included Dean Ambrose selecting Vader, Tully Blanchard, Terry Funk, and Nick Bockwinkel, while Roman Reigns chose Ambrose, The Undertaker, Edge and Christian.

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