Lucha Underground Results (12/3): Big Ladder Match Set, Tag Team Main Event, Konnan, Johnny Mundo

Chavo Guerrero & Pentagon Jr vs. Sexy Star & Fenix

Star and Fenix gain the advantage with a couple of kicks but Pentagon tosses Star over the top rope. Fenix hits his awesome somersault huracanrana that sends Pentagon to the outside. Really, that move is one to behold.

Back inside the ring Chavo and Fenix lock up, and Chavo takes control with a snapmare and chinlock until Fenix breaks free and tags Star. Chavo immediately stars working star over and drags him to his corner where the beating continues.

Star reaches the corner and tags Fenix, who hits a sweet fake out enziguri. Chavo clotheslines Fenix and sends him to the mat. Pentagon tags in and hits a giant powerbomb for a two count. Pentagon goes on the offensive with strikes and tags Chavo back in, who hits a slingshot kick.

Chavo and Pentagon are beating down Fenix, who finally fights back with a handspring cutter on Pentagon and a spin kick on Chavo. Fenix makes the hot tag to Sexy Star and she cleans house with boots on Chavo and a running headscissors on Pentagon until Chavo hits the alley-oop on Star.

Fenix comes off the top with a double stomp on Chavo, but catches an exploder suplex into the buckles by Pentagon. Star catches Pentagon with a tilt-a-whirl armbar, then a body press onto the heels. Fenix hits an insane springboard corkscrew senton. He's truly a highlight of this brand.

Back inside the ring Sexy Star is caught with a slam from Chavo. Guerrero goes up for a frog splash but is knocked off by Fenix. Star and Fenix hit a superkick/sunset flip bomb on Pentagon, then Fenix comes off the top with a double kneedrop on Pentagon. Star picks up the pin. That match was excellent.

Winners: Sexy Star & Fenix (via Flying Double Knee Drop)

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