CM Punk Q&A Recap: What "CM" Stands For, Which Wrestlers Could Transition To UFC, Brock Lesnar, More

CM Punk participated in a Q&A session Friday to help promote UFC 182. Punk spoke about a variety of topics at length. Wrestling Inc will have full live coverage of UFC 182 tomorrow night.

Here are the highlights from the session:

* Punk entered the session to "Cult of Personality," and host Jon Anik asked the fans to limit the pro wrestling inquiries, as Punk is now a UFC fighter.

* Punk said he spoke to Duke Roufus of Roufusport a few days before Christmas and talked about things. He put over the fact that the camp had Anthony Pettis and Ben Askren. He said he didn't want to sacrifice quality for convenience. He said it was really flattering to have so many offers to train.

* He says he understands the critics, but he doesn't have to agree with them. If people enjoy seeing him win or lose, that's great. He said he gets people want to see him knocked out.

* Punk is asked about the hardest aspect that he thinks he'll face. He responds by saying it will likely be the day of the fight and showing people what he's made of.

* Someone asks if Punk joined UFC to spite WWE. He says that would be a ridiculous reason to put yourself inside a cage with someone who wants to beat you up. Punk says it's a personal journey and a supreme challenge.

* Punk says he wanted to switch to a line of work where he wasn't miserable all day, every day. He said his opponent won't be named any time soon, and that he's going to practically live in the gym for the next six months.

* Punk is asked about his level of kempo and jiu-jitsu. Punk jokingly says he's a white belt for life, but trains often with Rener Gracie. Punk said his kempo days were almost 18 years ago and doesn't remember his rank. He's going to Roufusport as if he knows nothing. He says he can't just invite Rener to Roufusport because it's not his gym, but he wants Rener Gracie in his corner.

* Punk hasn't decided what theme to walk out to yet, even though he came out to Living Colour tonight. He wants to keep people in suspense.

* A fan compares Fedor to Daniel Cormier. Punk says he loved PRIDE FC and he thinks Daniel Cormier is fantastic but doesn't want to compare the two.

* Punk says his WWE injuries will not play a factor in his training in the UFC.

* A fan asks Punk if he's really been training. Punk responds jokingly by saying no and that this is all one big rib.

* Punk says that his plan isn't for a "one and done" deal with UFC, but isn't sure how winning and losing will affect his future plans. The fan for some reason compares Punk to James Toney.

* He's asked if the CM in his name came from "CM Venom" a backyarder in the 1990's. Punk says that the CM is from "Chuck Mosley" of Faith No More fame.

* Punks says Brazilian jiu-jitsu tournaments would not scratch his competitive itch because he can't punch someone in the face. He reiterates that he's completely healthy now when asked about the concussions.

* Punk sees himself as a grappler, and needs help with his striking the most. He expects Duke Roufus to help him in that department.

* A fan asks if there needs to be a more defined route for amateurs. Punk said he's not jumping anyone in line, and he's not getting a title shot. He said everyone stands to make a lot of money from it, although he's not in it for that.

* Punk says the most valuable tool he can take from pro wrestling is not having the jitters in front of a big crowd. He says the technical aspects between MMA and wrestling are different, but there are similarities.

* Punk is asked where he sees himself fighting on his first card. He says wherever the business side asks. He's asked about Brock Lesnar's MMA career, and Punk says he's happy for what Lesnar accomplished but his path won't be the same. He thinks Lesnar laid a business blueprint for him.

* Another drunk fan asks CM Punk to tell a fighter to "suck it" in the cage after he wins.

* Donald Cerrone joins Punk on stage. He has him sign a cowboy hat that a bunch of stars also signed. Punk and Cerrone give the hat to a little kid.

* Punk says Marvel didn't tell him who the female Thor is.

* Punk is asked who could transition from WWE to UFC. He says he wouldn't count his wife out, and Daniel Bryan dabbles in training. He thinks Samoa Joe could have done well also.

* Another drunk fan asks Punk if he'd fight a Diaz brother. Punk says he'll only answer if the fan turns his LA Kings shirt inside out. The drunk fan thinks the Diaz brothers are there and starts looking for them. You can't make this up. The fan says "time for real talk," and Punk sits down and braces himself. The fan then asks Punk to play rock, paper scissors. As a fan said on Twitter, this was a lot like an AA meeting with a special guest.