TNA Impact Wrestling Results: Knockout Fired, MVP & Lashley Brawl In The Street, More

Result: Eric Young and Low-ki defeat Bobby Roode and Kurt Angle

The show resumes after a commercial and MVP is out on 34th street challenging Lashley to a fight. He tells Lashley to bring his ass (as if Lashley has a choice in that).

We get a full-on recap of EC3 fighting with Spud and Borash. Always enjoyable to hear EC3 talking some smack. Let's head out to the ring.

Jeremy Borash vs. Ethan Carter III

EC3 handles the announcements with his signature brand of hilarity. Borash comes out in a hoodie and gives fist bumps and hugs to the fans, friends and family at ringside. British Boot Camp winner Mark Andrews is watching from the front row as well. Keep an eye on that guy.

The bell rings and EC3 announces he wants to do commentary as well. He runs his mouth until Borash grabs the mic, tells EC3 that he can't announce worth a damn and then peppers him with punches. EC3 roars back with a beatdown. He walks to the side and spits in Spud's face next and Spud jumps in and whoops up on carter. Tyrus intervenes and puts the kibosh on Spud. Mark Andrews jumps in the ring and he teams up with Spud to take out Tyrus. Andrews hits a giant shooting star press on Tyrus, taking the big dude out on the outside. Carter retreats and Borash yells, "I will f--- you up!" which is really hilarious. Andrews, Spud and Borash stand tall to round it out.

Result: No-contest

Time for another match...

Matt Hardy vs. James Storm

The guys lock up and Storm works Matt into the corner. Hardy responds by planting Storm's face into the turnbuckle. Hardy tries to get Storm into position for a big move and Storm rolls outside. Come on, man. They brawl on the outside and Hardy gets the upper hand. He rolls Storm back inside and gets him into a protracted headlock. Storm tries to turn it around and Hardy stays in the fight. They end up slugging it out in the center of the ring until Storm puts Matt down. Storm looks like he's going to seal the deal until Hardy rolls him up into a small package for the three-count.

Result: Matt Hardy defeats James Storm via pinfall.

Post-match, Storm asks Hardy for a handshake on bended knee. Hardy is reluctant and the other members of the Revolution swoop in, with Abyss attacking Hardy from behind. Abyss grabs Janice from under the ring and they get ready to do in Matt but Jeff runs out and puts a stop to it. He issues a challenge for a Monster's Ball match against Abyss next week.

MVP is still waiting for Lashley to show up on 34th Street and then we go back inside for the feast or Fired revealů

Rockstar Spud goes first and he comes up with the X-Division title shot. Magnus follows and he gets the tag team title shot. Robbie E starts freaking the hell out when he realizes it's down to him or Aries for the pink slip. After a commercial, Robbie remembers that Velvet grabbed the case and he makes her open it. It's the "Fired!" case and Robbie celebrates like a madman, yelling "You're fired! Caw caw! Caw caw!" Truly, truly hilarious. Aries slowly opens his case to find the heavyweight title shot.

Out on the street, Lashley brings it to MVP. They brawl into the Manhattan Center, crashing into barricades. Lashley starts to get things in hand and the whole BDC descends on him for a full-scale mugging. The pound Lashley again out on the sidewalk until Kurt Angle and Bobby Roode crash the party. Roode finds the title, stares at it longingly and then looks up and locks eyes with Lashley for a stare-down. Cut, print and fade to black, 'cause that's a wrap.

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