Fans Upset At The WWE Royal Rumble, Curtis Axel Wants His WrestleMania 31 Title Shot, Fast Lane

- Above is the promo for February's WWE Fast Lane pay-per-view.

- A fan in attendance at last night's WWE Royal Rumble in Philadelphia noted that the heat we heard on TV during the main event was extremely loud in person. He said chatter among fans as they left the Wells Fargo Center was negative and a lot of fans were really upset about Daniel Bryan's Rumble elimination. WWE's Facebook page posted a poll asking fans if they enjoyed the Rumble and as of this writing, over 15,000 have voted "thumbs down" while just over 5,000 have voted "thumbs up."

- As seen at the WWE Royal Rumble last night, Curtis Axel never got to enter the 30-man main event as he was attacked and replaced by Erick Rowan. Axel tweeted the following and says he wants his WrestleMania 31 shot at WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar: