Frank Shamrock Talks Vince McMahon Saying He Could Take Him In A Fight, Chris Jericho - Rourke

Frank Shamrock come on Submission Radio to discuss the truth behind accompanying Mickey Rourke to Wrestlemania in case things went wrong and he needed back up. You can check out the full interview above, below are some highlights:

Coming down with Mickey Rourke to Wrestlemania in case Chris Jericho tried anything:

"Well you know Mickey is a good friend of mine. So when he got the call to do Wrestlemania, he thought that there was a good chance they'll double cross him, or jump him, or this and that, or whatever, but he's that guy, he's old school. He's like from the streets, he's a real dude, hardcore. So he calls me up, he's like "listen man I've got my movie career going again 'The Wrestler' is up for this award and everything" He's like "There's no way I can go down like this". He's like "If they pull something on me, I need some back up". So he's like "I want you to come out and I want to bring this killer with you just in case". So I'm like "okay" [laughs].

"So yeah I flew out, went out to his big pad in Hollywood and then we also went on Vince's [McMahon] private jet and I brought Clint Coronel who's "The Aztec". He's like a golden glove boxer, an MMA fighter, and just hardcore looking dude, and 'cause like Mickey's serious. He didn't understand that it was a gimmick, that Jericho was using it as a promotional tool. Mickey's like me, he's from the streets. Like if you say "hey I'm calling you out", it's like "oh well we need to deal with this before it goes somewhere else". So he thought it was real. He thought they were going to have an altercation. He didn't know what the end result was going to be, and he brought some forces and I was in that group. So yeah it was crazy. I've never been to Wrestlemania, it was like one of my childhood dreams, and then within like 2 weeks we're on Vince's plane, I'm sitting there ringside, and the whole thing's happening, and I was just like, wow what a crazy experience."

Meeting Vince McMahon and reactions to Chris Jericho's book where Vince said he could take Frank in a fight:

"Yeah it's like they have their own world going on, but we came in like we were going to do some serious damage [laughs]. But the whole thing, like we played it out; I figured all along that it was pro wrestling and that's what you do. You build up a gimmick and then you work it out, but Mickey was so convinced and so on edge that we stood in line like good soldiers. But they were, honestly they were like "err, what's Frank Shamrock doing here and why's he got this scary guy with him?" It was totally a weird like situation, but once they sat down and broke it down, and kind of went through the whole thing, Vince and all those guys got in the ring and worked it out, and everybody felt good about it, and I was just like a kid. I was like "are you kidding me?" when all of this was happening right around me, and that was pretty neat."