Source: DC 101

Mike Jones of DC 101 interviewed The Usos yesterday, who were promoting last night's Smackdown taping in Washington DC at the Verizon Center. The Usos discussed their breakout Money In The Bank match against The Shield, their dad going into the Hall of Fame, the path to WrestleMania, their thoughts on tag teams in WWE, a great Haku story and more. You can check out the full interview in the video above, below are some highlights:

Liking The Ascension:

"It's always good when you have a tag team, when people see two guys come in and stick together, like me and my brother."

"They're together and they just have to find what works. They have the old school Legion of Doom feel and we'll cross paths soon enough."

Their Money In The Bank match with The Shield:

"We went to the back and it was like OHHH! The Usos can go, they can really go. We were in there with Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns and that's what made everyone take notice."

Being from a wrestling family:

"If anything there's more pressure on second and third generation Superstars because you have to deliver. You can't go out there and just suck, and we almost did."

"The path before us was already laid, and it was intimidating, because we have Yoko, Maga, my dad, Afa, and Sika."

"As far as us, everybody knew who our family was but we had to find out who the Usos are. We have our own identity, we're not just a number in our family."

Working with Kidd and Cesaro:

"I feel like the matches we had with The Wyatts, we can put on a higher quality match with those two."

"I know Cesaro and Kidd are two guys put together but these guys really compliment each other."

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