Rey Mysterio appeared on Wrestling Observer Live this afternoon to discuss his post-WWE career and upcoming schedule.

Right off the bat Mysterio was asked about his health and his decision to leave the WWE. He responded by saying the recent years weren't as grueling as the early ones. Granted, he hadn't performed nearly as much in the past several years.

"I think the most taxing years I had were the beginning years. We had Raw and Smackdown guys and getting big numbers off of that. We were working 5 days a week," Mysterio said

Mysterio also spoke about his decision to leave the company, and being matched up with Sin Cara in a tag team. He saw this as the writing on the wall, and a good indicator that he should finish up with the company.

"After my last surgery in 2011, I came back at the end in 2012. I felt like I rushed myself. I went back on the shelf, came back and they put me with Sin Cara, and I felt like I wasn't going anywhere. I was being thrown in to just have tag matches, there was no direction for Rey Mysterio," he said. "My contract was coming to the end and I decided to not re-sign. I wanted to take time off to spend time with my family and go from there."

Mysterio said he doesn't expect to go a full schedule, despite thinking he could do it. He also was candid about the shape of his knee and compared himself to Kevin Nash, who had multiple knee surgeries and wrestled at an old age. He also spoke about the possibilies of joining Lucha Underground and his goals.

"If I take the next step and go to Lucha Underground, I want to take Lucha Libre global," Mysterio said. "My goal is to always make it bigger."

Mysterio said that he'll be at WaleMania on March 26, one of his first scheduled appearances since leaving WWE. Konnan and Dave Meltzer will both also be at the event.

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