Jim Ross And Shawn Michaels Discuss Michaels Vs. Undertaker At Wrestlemania 25

We received the following from Busted Open Radio:

"Through The Eyes Of Jim Ross: A Wrestlemania Retrospective", a Busted Open special co-hosted by WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross, airs this Saturday, March 28th, from 4 to 7pm ET and replays from 7 to 10pm ET on SiriusXM 92 and the SiriusXM app. The following is an excerpt with special guest Shawn Michaels. Go to BustedOpenNation.com for times and listings of all Busted Open live events during Wrestlemania weekend.

On if Michaels vs. Undertaker at Wrestlemania 25 is the greatest Wrestlemania match of all time:

Shawn Michaels: "It was a phenomenal match from my standpoint. I don't know if you can wrestle a perfect match but it certainly felt that way to me. On the ride home, I can remember saying, 'Well, that might have been the one to end it on. That was pretty darn special.' So you knew it was good when you were doing it. You knew it was special afterwards. I will let history decide where it ranks because again, all that stuff is subjective, and depending on who you ask, all those opinions differ as well. So I try not to get too caught up into it, but it was certainly special to me."

JR: "I was kind of on the outs and fading away at Wrestlemania 25. Probably one of the greatest gifts I've ever had was to be able to call that match with Cole and Lawler. And I just thought it was a piece of art. And I've seen a lot of matches and I've seen Shawn since day-one in the Mid-South territory. I tell kids this all the time when I do my one man show; they say 'well, if I want to watch a match and understand psychology...' I say I can give you a lot of matches that have great psychology. Because back in the day, there were some amazing in-ring psychology. But if you want to go in modern time and I certainly consider Wrestlemania 25 a modern era match, I have never seen a more psychologically compelling match than Shawn and Taker had that night. I had goosebumps. I had tears in my eyes. I was so emotionally wrapped up in that presentation. So if I was, as the grizzled veteran, if I was emotional, I can only imagine the impact it had on younger wrestling fans. I think on our drive home we were on the money, that might have been the one to go out on."

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