- Digital Spy has a short interview here with Paige, who discussed appearing on the latest season of Total Divas. She noted that she usually didn't open up about her personal life, and the show has been like therapy for her.

"I've got to experience so much and I've got to see so much and everyone's great and amazing, so I've been having a good time," Paige said. "It's like therapy, it really is. Once you open up you can't stop - it's like opening up the floodgate."

- Speaking of Paige, just a reminder that she will be appearing with Roman Reigns at the Wizard World Las Vegas Comic Con in the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV later this month on Saturday, April 25th. They will be signing autographs and posing for pictures from 11am - 1pm, before participating in a joint Q&A panel from 1:30pm - 2pm. You can get more details here.

- The verified WWE Mexico Facebook posted an image asking fans which Diva was pregnant, and later replied that AJ Lee announced her pregnancy and cited an article on The Bleacher Report. Lee has not announced anything of the sort. The WWE Mexico Facebook page usually just posts everything that appears on the English WWE Facebook posts but in Spanish as well as some WWE - Mexico related news, so it's odd that they put something like this on there.

Update 4/6 2:31 PM ET: We contacted WWE about the post. It was an obvious error, which has since been deleted.

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