Welcome to Wrestling Inc's coverage of Ring of Honor TV. We get kicked off with a couple of huge prospects in Donovan Dijak and Dalton Castle.

Dalton Castle (w/ Man servants) vs. Donovan Dijak (w/ Truth Martini)

Dalton Castle got over in a hurry. Castle uses his amateur wrestling ability to control Dijak early on, then teases a dive but prances around the ring instead. Castle actually hits one after a huracanrana as we go to a commercial.

We come back from the break with Donovan Dijak taking control, as he tosses Castle around. Castle fires back with clotheslines, but he can't knock Dijak off his feet. Finally, Castle hits an insane German suplex from a dead lift that almost got a three count.

The fans bought that as a finish, and it was close. Castle goes for another German Suplex, but Truth Martini latches on to Dijak to prevent it. Dijak won with Feast Your Eyes.

Winner: Donovan Dijak via pinfall (Feast Your Eyes)

Truth Martini pushes Castle's man servants, but gets yelled at by Castle. Dijak tries to attack Castle, but is sent out of the ring.

War Machine vs. Andy Dalton & Ken Phoenix

This one doesn't last long at all. A big forearm from Rowe, and then the Fallout. Pinfall.

Winners: War Machine via pinfall (The Fallout)

- ReDRagon is in the ring for Fish Tank, and they bring out Jay Lethal. Kyle O'Reilly has a TV Title match for next week, and they go back and forth. ReDRagon remind Lethal that Jay Briscoe is the world champion, which upsets Lethal.

Briscoe comes out and drops Lethal with the mic. ReDRagon are still in the ring, but RKD shows up and attacks them. Christopher Daniels, Matt Sydal and ACH make the save.

- We get a promo from Decade trashing ACH for having things handed to him.

Cedric Alexander vs. Michael Elgin

Elgin is dominant early on, but Alexander rolls up Elgin and sends him outside the ring with a dropkick. Alexander hits a big dive to the outside, but misses a frog splash by a mile. that lets Elgin take control again.

A somersault leg drop and a slingshot neckbreaker both get a two count for Elgin, and he's frustrated. He tosses Alexander outside the ring, but walks right into chops from Cedric. Elgin is no selling them as we go to commercial.

We come back from the break, and both men are down outside the ring. Alexander hits a stiff kick and a Michinoku Driver, but it doesn't get the job done. He gets cocky and gets mauled by a huge Elgin clothesline for a two. These guys are really going at it.

Alexander fights back with three dropkick and scores with a frog splash, but gets knees on a second one. An Elgin Death Valley Driver earns a two count, but Alexander connects with a Lumbar Check. Elgin is able to get his foor on the ropes. Elgin rolls through a top rope Frankensteiner and scores a power bomb and an Elgin Bomb for the win.

Winner: Michael Elgin via pinfall (Elgin Bomb)

Elgin sarcastically shakes Alexander's hand as he's on the ground to close the show.

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