Sheamus goes for White Noise but it's countered for a 2 count. Ambrose gets blocked and Sheamus locks in the Cloverleaf submission. Ambrose makes it to the bottom rope and breaks the hold. Sheamus tries for the forearms on the apron but Ambrose fights back and goes to the top, this time hitting the elbow drop while Sheamus is standing for a 2 count. They brawl on the floor and Ambrose nails him off the announce table. Ambrose sends Sheamus into the ring post. Sheamus nails a Brogue Kick on the floor. Dolph Ziggler runs out and attacks Sheamus for the disqualification.

Winner by DQ: Sheamus

- Sheamus runs off through the crowd and Ziggler chases but comes back to ringside. Ziggler is fired up and walks off as we go to replays.

- Voting is still open on the WWE App for the Payback main event. Still to come tonight, Kane and Rollins vs. Orton and Reigns. Back to commercial.

- Back from the break and we see a clip of Summer Rae turning on Damien Sandow to help The Miz last week. Sandow is in the ring and fans cheer him. Sandow introduces himself and says he's never going to come out here and lie to the fans. He says he came to WWE with a blue bath robe three years ago with the idea he would enlighten everyone. He says we know how that ended. Sandow says he was told to his face that he's not entertaining enough and fans boo. Sandow says what followed wasn't him losing his mind, it was a quest to entertain - he shows us some of his impersonations like Bret Hart, Magneto, LeBron James and Vince McMahon. He brings up the Mizdow character and fans boo. He says Mizdow caused him to lose a lot of respect among his peers but he gained something that means more - the respect of the WWE Universe. Sandow says the connection he has with the fans is the most valuable thing he can have as a WWE Superstar. He thanks fans and says without them, he wouldn't be here. A "thank you Sandow" chant starts and he says they're welcome. The music interrupts and out comes Curtis Axel.

Axel tells us not to change the channel because Axelmania is running wild. Axel says he can't stand a guy who doesn't know who he is and is trying to be someone else. Sandow mocks Axel and he gets upset. Axel orders Sandow to get out of the ring and fans boo. Sandow mocks him again. Axel charges and Sandow fires back with right hands. Sandow with a big boot. Sandow looks to drop the big leg drop but hits the Elbow of Disdain instead. Sandow sends Axel out to the floor as his new theme song hits.

- Bray Wyatt is backstage with a promo for Ryback. He says what happened tonight was just the beginning and tells Ryback to run. Back to commercial.

- Back from the break and we see some Tough Enough audition videos.

King of the Ring Match: Neville vs. Luke Harper

We go to the ring and out comes Neville with a big entrance. We get a sidebar video with Neville talking about the tournament, even mentioning Owen Hart. Neville says he will defy gravity to become King of the Ring. Luke Harper is out next. They lock up and Neville tries to an early roll up. They run the ropes and Neville sends Harper to the floor. Neville ends up hitting a hurricanrana from the apron to a big pop.

They come back in and Harper turns it around. We go to commercial with Harper in control.

Back from the break and Neville fights out of a headlock. Harper charges and Neville sends him through the ropes. Harper comes back in and misses a big boot in the corner, landing back on the floor. Neville goes to the apron and kicks Harper in the mouth. Neville with the big moonsault to a pop. Neville brings it back in the ring and hits a springboard dropkick. Neville keeps on but Harper cuts him off and takes control. Neville blocks a powerbomb and hit a German suplex. Neville with a big kick to the head but Harper catches him with a sitdown powerbomb for 2. Harper with uppercuts in the corner. He takes Neville up to the top but Neville ends up powerbombing him to the mat. Neville goes to the top and hits Red Arrow for the win.

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