More On Hulk Hogan Returning To The Ring At WrestleMania, Vince McMahon "Looking Forward To It"

We noted last week that Hulk Hogan stated at a press conference in Melbourne, Australia that he told Vince McMahon after WrestleMania 31 that Vince had to put him on the WrestleMania 32 card as a send off. Hogan said that Vince apparently agreed to his request. Below is the full quote, courtesy of Contact Music.

"Next year, WrestleMania is going to be where the Dallas Cowboys play at the AT&T stadium and next year they're going to try to break my indoor attendance record," Hogan said. "So, I stopped Vince McMahon in the hallway and said, 'Let me tell you something brother, there's no way you're running WrestleMania next year without Hulk Hogan on the card. Whether it's for my last hurrah and it's my retirement match, whether it's for my next run or whether it's to just beat whoever's got the WWE title and become the champion again. If you guys are in that stadium next year, I'm going to be there.' And Vince McMahon shook my hand and said, 'I look forward to it.'

"If it happened I would want it to be the greatest match of all time, of course ... If it's the end of my career and a huge emotional send-off that would be great, or if it's the beginning of another huge run for Hulkamania and me chasing the dream of winning the WWE title, that would be brilliant. I'm thinking very positively about getting back in the ring."

You can check out the full press conference in the video above.

Dee Dee Smith contributed to this article.