UFC Founder Responds To Hulk Hogan Saying He Was Offered A Spot In UFC

We mentioned earlier that Hulk Hogan participated in an interview in Australia last week, saying he had the opportunity to compete in the early days of UFC. Information such as this usually becomes public within twenty years, so we went to Campbell McLaren for his thoughts.

Along with Art Davie, McLaren helped found the UFC in 1993. The original tournaments featured fighters of different skills such as Brazilian jiu-jitsu, karate, wrestling, and others. Former WWE Superstar Ludvig Borga would also compete in the early days.

Regarding Hogan, however, McLaren doesn't seem to recall that and had choice words about the situation.

Hogan would have been 40 at the time of the first UFC event. While this seems like an immediate disqualification from possibility that he'd have participated, Ron van Clief competed at UFC 4 at 51 years of age.

It's also possible that Hogan could have been referring to another promotion, but there were none at that time who were receiving the type of media attention (good or bad) as the UFC. It appears as if this rumor was quickly debunked.

McLaren sounded off with several more tweets, which you can see below: