Welcome to our WrestlingINC.com NXT coverage. Tonight we're set for an Emma vs. Charlotte match, as well as Michael Cole interviewing Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens! The show will be main evented by Tyler Breeze vs. Hideo Itami.

Charlotte vs. Emma

Emma is out wearing Bayley's T-shirt, but gets bullied around early by the bigger Charlotte. Emma moves out of the corner and attacks the knee of Charlotte, working it over for the next few minutes. Emma is being really aggressive in this match.

Emma hits an old-indy style curb stomp which gets "ban that move" chants. Emma locks on a half crab in the middle of the ring. Charlotte fights out and hits Natural Selection for the win.

Winner: Charlotte via pinfall (Natural Selection)

Bayley comes out and hugs Emma, but won't let go. She hits the Bayley-to-belly and goes off. Charlotte holds her back.

- We see a Becky Lynch highlight clip.

- It's time for Michael Cole's interview with Kevin Owens. He says that everything he does is based around money and providing for his family. Cole says he doesn't believe him and asks if it weren't Zayn if he would have attacked him. Owens goes on the defensive and says he doesn't know how to answer that. Michael Cole asks him how he could do what he did. This was a great segment, and Michael Cole was especially good in it.

Rhyno vs. Bull Dempsey

Rhyno with a belly-to-belly and a Gore. Pinfall.

Winner: Rhyno via pinfall (Gore)

The crowd goes crazy for Rhyno. He gets on the mic and challenges Baron Corbin for Takeover.

- Sasha Banks cuts a promo backstage saying she'll retain at NXT Takeover.

- Uhaa Nation is with William Regal signing his NXT contract. A hype video for him is shown.

- Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder vs. Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady is supposed to happen, but Enzo & Cass don't come out. Blake & Murphy are shown backstage jumping them as Carmella begs them to stop.

- We see the Cole/Zayn interview. Zayn says Owens is a liar, and the fight is personal now. He says he's coming to the ring next week and they don't have to fight. He wants Owens to look him in the eyes and tell him why he's done all this.

- William Regal is in the ring for the Lynch/Banks contract signing. Lynch said she made a lot of mistakes and sacrifices, but it was all worth it. Sasha Banks attacks Lynch, and climbs on the table while stepping on Lynch's head. Lynch locks on the armbar as officials separate the two.

- Dana Brooke is being interviewed and calls Charlotte wack. She's mad Tapout chose Charlotte over her for their ad.

Tyler Breeze vs. Hideo Itami

Breeze spends the first several minutes avoiding getting kicked, only to roll in and connect with one of his own. Itami answers with a big kick, and Breeze rolls out of the ring next to Finn Balor, who is there to watch.

Back from the break, Itami is working over Breeze with more kicks, but Breeze fights back and drops Itami. A leg drop from Breeze gets a two count, and then he moves to a chinlock. A jawbreaker gets another two on Itami.

Breeze goes to the second rope, but is caught by Itami, how then runs wild. He hits his corner attack that drops Breeze's head over the top rope. A dropkick is good for a two count before Breeze rolls outside.

Outside, Itami accidentally kicks Balor. He lands the Shotgun kick on Breeze and gets the pin.

Winner: Hideo Itami via pinfall (Shotgun Kick)

After the match, Breeze hits the Beauty Mark and stands tall.

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