UFC-Reebok Pay Scale Revealed: Several Fighters Infuriated, More Changes Coming Soon?

The UFC's highly publicized exclusive sponsorship deal with Reebok has raised several questions. Some of those questions were answered today, but weren't the responses that most UFC fighters were hoping for.

Starting in July, UFC fighters will only be permitted to wear Reebok apparel and logos to fight-week related events. This has led to several sponsors pulling away from pledging money to fighters in the interim, as they see it as a short-term investment.

UFC fighter Cody Gibson released the information on the pay scale, which is determined by tenure in Zuffa-owned promotions. The previous model of determining the sponsorship dollars by media rankings was scrapped recently. The payout numbers can be seen below:

While not met with universal disdain from fighters, the majority that have decided to speak out have blasted the numbers. UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub noted that he's earned at least six figures off of sponsorship money in each of his last six fights.

Guys like Gleison Tibau and Scott Jorgensen, who have been around for ages but aren't as attractive to sponsors, will greatly benefit. Fighters like Felice Herrig who is a sponsorship darling but doesn't have many UFC fights will suffer. With the backlash that UFC is getting, it's likely a change could be coming yet again.

You can read several of the fighters' reactions below.