Jade and Marti Belle are two of TNA's newest additions to Impact Wrestling. After making a name on the independent scene as Mia Yim, Jade debuted as a member of the Doll House recently, aligning herself with Belle and Taryn Terrell. I had the opportunity to speak with Jade this week about the transition from the indies to TNA, her match this week with Rebel & Brooke, as well as her goals moving forward in TNA Wrestling. We'll also have a second part on Monday.

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What was the biggest transition from the indies to TNA for you?

"The schedule, to be honest. Everyone's very welcoming. It's nice to be there with my best friend Marti Belle. We've grown up together in the independents, so coming from there and seeing each other once in a while, but we bounce back like nothing ever happened. Then we transitioned to TV together, it's a great experience. She's the talker and I'm the athlete, so we help each other. It always has been that way, but now we lean on each other more. It's great to be there with someone like my best friend. The biggest transition from indies to TV, is indies is just move, move, move, move, high spot, flying, move, move, move. On TV we have to emphasize more and mean more."

If TNA offered you a title match against Taryn Terrell tomorrow, how would you handle that?

"Taryn is awesome, I love her. As a group, we're a force to be reckoned with. Taryn earned that title, and I still have to work my way up. I'm not going to backstab her and try to jump in on that title match."

You're working against Rebel and Brooke Tessmacher this week, have you worked rebel? I know you have worked against Brooke.

"I have never worked against Rebel before. She runs her mouth a lot on Twitter, so I'm excited to play with her. I have been in the ring with Brooke, and I'm looking forward to see what she can do, especially against real friends like Marti and I. We'll play nice, and if they don't, we'll see what happens."

You're coming from a spot in your career where you work, or "play" as you called it, with a lot of women repeatedly. What's it like coming into a place like TNA with new matchups?

"It's a new step for me. I think a lot of women I wanted to be in the ring with I couldn't be because they were on TV in a specific company and I was on the indies. Now I get the chance to wrestle Brooke, wrestle Rebel, wrestle Gail Kim. I wrestled Kong at SHIMMER, but I think of it as a new challenge and a new chapter, and a chance to write a new story."

The masses may have not have seen your encounters with some of the women you've worked with in TNA. Is that something you look forward to recreating on TV now?

"Absolutely. It's a personal challenge for me and a personal goal for me to learn all these different styles and try to learn from all these different things. I worked in Japan and learned from there, then I did lucha style, then American style, so I really like to learn new things. Wrestling TV style is going to be awesome. That's going to be something new to learn, and I'm excited for the challenge."

You're one of the latest characters that has had experience all over the place, but your persona and character will be first developed on a national scene for TNA. They've been accused of being too reliant on former WWE stars, but it seems like they're looking to develop their own characters, even with ex-WWE talent. How do you feel about them putting stock in to you personally?

"I think I speak for Marti in that we're original, unique, different, fresh. If you watched TV, nobody would know who we are until now. We're not from another company or TV, we're the product of TNA and Impact. We both feel special to be an original TNA product. Something they made, and we're trying to be what they want us to be. It's cool, it's nice to start fresh."

What are your goals in TNA? So far it seems like you all are happy wreaking havoc.

"(Laughs) That's really the only goal. Me and my best friends just want to play with everybody, and make sure everybody knows who we are, and make sure people don't overstep us, and keep the gold within the Doll House. As of right now, we just want everyone to know who the Doll House is, and make sure they don't forget us."

As a competitor, what would be your dream match for you on a Bound for Glory?

"My dream match in general would be me against Gail Kim. But she's.(sighs), we'll see what happens. I just want to support Taryn, because nobody is going to take the title from her. So Marti and I are just going to support her and whatever she needs. If she needs a little bit of assistance, we'll be there."

Do you have anything you want to let Brooke or Rebel know ahead of your match this week?

"We also have Pillow Talk with myself, Marti and Taryn, so we'll take a sneak peek inside that. Brooke and Rebel, I hope you all play nice. I'm excited to have a little play date with them. This Friday, Destination America at 9 Eastern, be sure to watch us.

How can the fans follow you on social media?

"I am a big Twitter fan, you can follow me at @JadeTNA. I love tweeting, I'm always tweeting back to fans. Any questions or comments, if you like me or not, I don't care. You can tweet me that you don't like me."

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