The ref gets to an 8 count, and when they reach their feet, Rhyno drops Corbin. Rhyno does a charge in the corner before hitting a big spinebuster for two. Corbin hits a boot and End of Days for the win.

Winner: Baron Corbin via pinfall (End of Days)

Good showing for Corbin there.

NXT Tag Team Championships
Wesley Blake & Buddy Murphy (c) vs. Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady (w/ Carmella)

Enzo hits a big dropkick and tags Cass. Murphy chops Cass, but it's no sold and he's tossed all the way across the ring. Enzo gets another tag, but Blake and Murphy take advantage by knocking him off the apron for a two count.

Enzo moves out of the corner and Murphy gets posted. He's able to tag out to Blake before Enzo makes the tag to Cass, though. Blake and Murphy hit an awesome powerbomb/backstabber that somehow Enzo kicks out of.

Enzo hits a big flying DDT and tags out to Cass, who boots everyone in sight. The crowd goes nuts as he hits the Empire Elbow, but it gets broken up. Cass takes both men out again and calls for Enzo, who can barely stand up.

Alexa Bliss comes out and attacks Carmella, which gets Cass' attention. He gets kicked, and Bliss knocks Enzo off the top rope, and he gets pinned.

Winners: Wesley Blake and Buddy Murphy via pinfall to retain the NXT Tag Team Championships

The crowd was totally ready for a title change there.

NXT Women's Championship
Sasha Banks (c) vs. Becky Lynch

The two both get several two counts early before Becky Lynch lands a shoulder block. Becky goes for the armbar, but Sasha escapes and the two face off.

Becky hits Sasha with an armdrag and kicks her in the face. Sasha quickly turns the tides and drops Lynch's arm across the ring apron, before tying it up in the ropes. Sasha then goes to a straightjacket submission.

Banks works the submission for several minutes, even throwing in a lungblower. Becky Lynch finally breaks out, but Sasha lands her double knees in the corner to Lynch's arm before going back to work on it. Sasha Banks is unbelievably good in this match.

Banks applies a short arm scissors after several other arm-based submissions. Lynch lifts her off the ground and and slams her to the mat. Lynch with dropkick off the top rope, but Banks gets a two. Banks hits a springboard arm drag then absolutely demolishes Lynch in the corner with running knees to the face.

The two go for backslides, but both end up outside the ring trading punches. Lynch hits a suplex inside the ring, but can't lock on the armbar. Instead, Lynch lands an awesome arm-trapped German suplex that gets two. Banks fights back, but out of nowhere Lynch rolls through and gets an armbar. Banks almost taps, but gets to the ropes.

Lynch gets tossed outside the ring, and Banks goes for a suicide dive. Lynch catches her with one arm and heaves Banks into the stairs. Banks locks on the Bank Statement out of nowhere and Lynch taps. This was a beautiful match.

Winner: Sasha Banks via submission (Bank Statement) to retain the NXT Women's Championship

Becky Lynch gets an insane reaction from the crowd after that match.

NXT Championship
Kevin Owens (c) vs. Sami Zayn

Kevin Owens comes out in a John Cena shirt. Sami Zayn attacks early and clotheslines Owens over the top rope. Owens sets up for the apron powerbomb, but gets back body dropped on the floor. Owens gets sent over the guard rail, and Zayn gives chase.

Owens tries another powerbomb, but Zayn holds on to the bleacher rails. Another back body drop sends them ringside, then Zayn gets two on a Blue Thunder Bomb. Zayn follows up with a big release Dragon Suplex.

Zayn hits a swinging DDT, but hurts his shoulder. He lands an exploder in the corner, misses a Helluva kick, and scores another exploder suplex outside. Owens catches him with a big apron powerbomb, though. Refs tend to Zayn, but Owens keeps attacking.

Result: No Contest

William Regal comes out and gets in Owens' face and gets headbutted for his troubles. Then SAMOA JOE comes out and keeps getting in his face. Finally, Owens walks off.

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