Lucha Underground Results (5/20): Trios Title Ladder Match, Prince Puma In Action, More

Welcome to this week's Wrestling Inc coverage of Lucha Underground. Tonight's show features a Trios Title ladder match.

- We see a recap of recent events, including Dario Cueto booking a ladder match for the Trios title.

Prince Puma vs. Marty "The Moth" Martinez

Marty, for those of you who don't know, is Martin, of Tough Enough season 5 fame. He comes out acting really, really creepy and swinging his arms, presumably like a moth.

Marty fools Puma into eating a lariat before hitting a dropkick, before getting totally mauled by Prince Puma. Marty misses a moonsault and gets kicked. Blue Thunder Bomb and a 630, and that's all she wrote. Easy win for Prince Puma.

Winner: Prince Puma via pinfall (630)

Hernandez comes out and Konnan goes off on him. He acts like he wants to fight, but says he'll do it on his own terms.

- Vampiro is interviewing Johnny Mundo, and we see the window Mundo threw Alberto El Patron through last week. Mundo says he's proven he's the best, but Vampiro suggests he's jealous. Mundo says he's the biggest star in LU, and that AEP is done.

- We see Dario Cueto getting The Crew pumped up for tonight's title match.

Delavar Daivari vs. Texano Jr

Texano hits a lariat right off the bat and beats Daivari down in the corner. Delavar fights back with a single-arm DDT, but only gets a two off of it. He then transitions a hammerlock into a double wristlock, but can't put Texano away.

Texano comes back and gets a codebreaker, but Big Ryck comes to the ring and drops him with a clothesline. The announcers put over that Daivari probably hired Ryck, because all Ryck cares about it money. They beat Texano down and make the ref count to 3, even though the match is over.

Winner: Texano via DQ

- Catrina is in Cueto's office and tells him she has a sacrifice for him. She wants a death match between Muertes and Fenix.

- Black Lotus is shown walking on tracks, when Chavo Guerrero shows up. He tells her trainer that if he wants Lotus to be able to leave, they'll need his help. The trainer will clear Chavo's debt if he protects Lotus.

Trios Title
Ladder Match

Angelico, Son of Havoc, Ivelisse (c) vs. The Crew

Everyone fights outside and Ivelisse is taken out, as she has a legit broken ankle during this match. Bael clocks her as Matt Striker says we shouldn't feel bad for her, which makes no sense. Angelico hits a big dive onto The Crew while they have a ladder.

Angelico climbs up, but gets knocked right back off. The Crew then puts a ladder against his groin and slam it with a chair. Meanwhile, Havoc gets beat down by all of the heels before hitting a drop toe hold onto the ladder. The Crew answers with an awesome DDT/stomp combo off of the ladder.

Cueto is shown on the phone with someone, as Angelico tips a ladder through the window into Cueto's office, which was insane. Havoc has a shooting star press stopped, and Castro tries to climb the ladder. Out of nowhere, Angelico jumps off the office and kicks Castro off. Ivelisse climbs up and bites Cisco's hand, and grabs the belt.

Winners: Angelico, Son of Havoc & Ivelisse to retain the Trios Championship