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WWE Tag Team Championship
Elimination Chamber Match
New Day (c) vs. Cesaro & Kidd (w/ Natalya) vs. Lucha Dragons vs. Prime Time Players vs. Ascension vs. Los Matadores (w/ Torito)

Matadores are in a pod, but Torito is on top of it. Also, all three of New Day will be in the match. Lucha Dragons and The Ascension will start out, and no, Natalya is not inside the cage.

12 minutes in to the show we get our first action, as the Dragons hit springboard moonsaults in stereo before double teaming The Ascension. A series of kicks and a slingshot sentons get taunting instead of a pin attempt.

Kalisto gets propelled on top of New Day's pod and they pull his legs in there as Ascension hits an H-Bomb on Sin Cara. Conor and Viktor go up after Kalisto, but get knocked down. Sin Cara goes up and hits a Swanton off of the pod. Kalisto looks hurt up there as Cesaro and Kidd enter the match and attack Cara.

Kidd and Cesaro destroy everyone, and Cesaro jumps to the top rope and hits an uppercut and a Chamberplex on Kalisto. This gets two as Sin Cara breaks it up. Kidd applies a Sharpshooter on Viktor, but his partner breaks it up.

Kalisto is back up top as Sin Cara hits a Rampage powerbomb and Viktor scores a dominator. The Matadores are in and Torito hits a huracanrana off the chamber on Cesaro. Kalisto is now at the very top of the cage and drops down on everyone! Torito tries what Kaliso did, but he's caught. Ascension hit Fall of Man on Diego and eliminate Matadores. A Fall of Man also puts out Lucha Dragons.

The Prime Time Players are in, which means New Day will be in last. PTP dominate and Young hits the Gut Check to eliminate Ascension. Titus powerbombs Cesaro off the ropes while Cesaro hits a gutwrench suplex in a cool Tower of Doom spot. Everyone is down as New Day comes in.

Everyone else in the match hits a quadruple suplex on New Day, then Cesaro & Kidd lock Woods in a chamber. Kofi gets hit with the Airplane dropkick, but Young rolls up Cesaro and pins him! It's down to PTP and New Day, and Xavier Woods is released by Big E.

Titus O'Neil gets his head put through the chains as they beat him down. Young sends Big E face first into a pod in a scary spot and takes out New Day, but everyone is hurting. Titus goes crazy and starts heaving everyone into the chains. Young lands a Gut Check for a 2.9.

Big E hits a belly to belly on the steel to Young, and then Kofi hits Trouble in Paradise on Titus O'Neil. All three members pin him for the win.

Winners: New Day via pinfall (Trouble in Paradise) to retain the WWE Tag Team Championship

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