Former Ring of Honor World Champion Adam Cole spoke to Bill Apter at a recent ROH event and talked about how much the company meant to him, as well as his injury that's kept him off the shelf for the past several months.

Cole had been absent from Ring of Honor events for several months, leading many to believe he may have signed elsewhere. As it turns out, Cole sustained a severe shoulder injury that put him out of action for five months.

"I dislocated my shoulder during a wrestling match," Cole explained. "Unfortunately that tore the labrum tendon, which is a pretty serious tendon that you tear. You can't get over that with just physical therapy, you have to go under the knife. I figured while I'm still young it was very beneficial for me and (ROH)."

The conversation then took a much lighter turn, as Apter asked Cole what he thought the five deadliest moves in professional wrestling were.

"Number one for me is definitely the Alabama Slam," Cole said. "The whiplash effect is just concussion city. Number two, a snap-style Eddie Guerrero powerbomb can be quite vicious for similar reasons. Number three, when applied correctly the figure four. Number four the Bloody Sunday, very very vicious. Number 5, any variation of Roderick Strong's backbreakers. That will have you waking up the next day questioning your profession."

ROH announcer Steve Corino then joined Apter and Cole, as the two were challenging one another to who could lock on a figure four leglock faster. You can see the video above.

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