Last week, Ring of Honor and Destination America shocked the wrestling world when the two announced that Ring of Honor TV would be airing Wednesday nights prior to Impact Wrestling. Perhaps the most surprised were those within TNA, as rumors had been flying regarding a possible cancellation of their shot prior to the announcement.

Today I spoke with Rockstar Spud and asked him how he felt about the announcement. Destination America will now have a three hour block of wrestling programming on Wednesday nights which will feature talents not only from ROH and TNA, but New Japan Pro Wrestling as well.

"I view it as a positive for the industry. Fans of Impact wrestling can tune in an hour earlier and see more wrestling and see that there's another product out there. Fans of Ring of Honor can carry on watching our show and see it. It works both ways," Spud explained.

Spud also thinks the move will be a positive one for Destination America, which is working on finding its footing with viewers. Spud vocally advocated watching both shows, and seeing what each have to offer.

"Think about this, one channel has got two promotions, three hours of pro wrestling. People are going to go find Destination America. It's good for the industry, it's good for the talent, and it's good for the fans. That's what matters," Spud said. "Guys, you pay our bills, believe it or not. Tune in, you may see someone you like on the other show. There's nothing wrong with watching both, there's nothing wrong with watching one, but I encourage you to watch both."

We'll have part one of our interview with Rockstar Spud tomorrow here on Wrestling Inc.

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