Sabu Compares Paul Heyman To The Devil; Talks Getting Fired From ECW, Says Vince Is Scared Of Heyman

Sabu recently spoke to WrestleTalkTV candidly about his experiences in ECW, and more notably with Paul Heyman. Sabu said that originally ECW was just another payday for him, but eventually the company became family for him. At one point he wasn't getting that payday after being fired from ECW when he had accidentally double booked himself for that day. Sabu took the Japan booking for thousands of dollars and was fired publicly by Heyman.

"He cried like a baby, so I chose Japan over ECW for that day," Sabu explained. "He acted like I quit the company. I went for one day and came back and he cried like a girl. He hurt my feelings because I built him as much as he built me. I think I actually built him more than he built me."

Sabu said that he would have gladly made up the booking, and said that Heyman knew that. Sabu spoke highly of Heyman's wrestling mind, but not well of him personally.

"As a wrestling mind he's a genius, as a person he's the devil, or close to it. I guess he's not that cool. If he was any cooler he'd be the devil. He has a way better mind an way smarter than I do. Why do you think Vince [McMahon] has him around? He's afraid to have him work for anyone else," Sabu said.

You can see Sabu's full comments in the video above.