Former TNA X-Division Champion Rockstar Spud spoke with The News Hub recently about his career, as well as working alongside the often criticized Dixie Carter. You can read some highlights below, and check out the full interview at this link.

Working with Dixie Carter:

"I feel I have a great relationship with all my peers but after British Bootcamp I had a good relationship with Dixie. Every so often she'd say hello and stuff like that. She's a really good woman. Every opportunity I had to save her life, I had to save her life if I didn't I'm fired, you do realise that? There's no room for error. She'd want it perfect like we all do. I wanted it more than perfect she wants it even more perfect. So we have to get it right the first time. Working with her was amazing because she was such a great antagonist to the audience that there's this little man pointing at her and worshiping her like she's the Queen when everyone knows she's surrounded herself with yes men just to appease her own ego. Brilliant!"

"People couldn't wait to see someone put her through a table. Couldn't wait to see her get her come upping's. They didn't think it would happen. Well I was in New York City when it did happen. I'm lying on the floor and the ground was shaking. It was amazing. A really amazing spectacle to see. She was seriously injured after that and I respect her even more. She's taken her licks when she didn't have too and I fully respect her as a performer and respect her as a boss, I respect her for that. I respect her as a human being even more so."

Who to watch out for in TNA:

"I would say Taryn Terrell from the Dollhouse. I would say Jessie Godderz, Chris Melendez, and Mark Andrews. Those are the ones that I would say. They are the ones. Taryn is doing a phenomenal job as the Knockout's champion and being just the most spiteful b***ch, spiteful. Mark Andrews if given the opportunity he's going to change the X division, I promise you. Chris Melendez, the man's a walking hero an absolute hero and a really good man as well. He connects with the audience because of the sacrifice's he's made with his body and what a walking miracle that man still is not letting the fact that he has one leg stop him from doing what he wants to do. Then you've got Jessie Godderz who just broke away from the Bro Mans and with a look like that and a charisma like that the sky's the limit for him. And Bram also. My God, the man's a maniac absolute maniac I've never seen a performer like that."

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