- The Midland Reporter-Telegram in Texas has an interview with Gabriel Iglesias. During the interview, Iglesias was about his Tough Enough submission - which you can watch above - and if he was serious about a possible WWE career.

"I am a huge fan of the WWE," Iglesias said. "Seriously, if my schedule allowed it I would probably legit be into Tough Enough. That was really fun to shoot with my friend Lance Patrick.

- The Pueblo Chieftan has a story here about 6-foot-8 275 lb. former CSU-Pueblo defensive lineman Joshua Bredl - seen in the video above - making it to the final 13 on Tough Enough. Bredl talked about being a Ric Flair fan growing up, and noted that he was closing the door on a potential NFL career to make it in WWE.

"At this point it feels like the door (for the NFL) is officially shut," Bredl said. "I love football, but at the same time I still want to seek out greatness. This seems like a destined opportunity for me."

- Perth Now interviewed Australian bikini model Giorgia Piscina, who is one of the 13 Tough Enough finalists. During the interview, Piscina was asked why she should be picked to win the competition.

"I'm unique. I'm relatable. I think the fact I'm from overseas — everyone is loving my accent. My skill level is going to be a positive thing for me. I pick things up really quickly," she said. "I'm quite genuine too. I'm just a normal girl chasing her dream so I think people will support that. My ultimate dream is to move to America, live here, be part of the WWE family forever, to be a Divas champion and change people's lives for the better."

- The Daily Mail also has an article about Piscina here, who revealed on Facebook that used to spend an hour a day when she was younger putting on make up to hide a birth mark on her face.

"It's affected my life in a major way," Piscina said. "Growing up I had to deal with all sorts of comments. This affected me so much that I had to go to counseling and eventually forced my parents into trying to find a solution... I found the best camouflage guru in our area and we sat down and she taught me the long 40 minute step-by-step process on how to "hide" my mark. Every morning I would get up an hour earlier than I had to, to put my make-up on before I caught the bus to school.

"This went on until one day I pretty much woke up one morning and said to myself 'f-ck it'. I was so sick and tired of hiding and putting on a mask…so I rocked up to school with a clean face. And you know what the response was? Omg Giorgia you look so much better without all that make-up on! I felt so free! I felt so happy that I was able to show everyone the real me! And everyone still loved me! What a relief!"

You can check out some photos of Piscina below:

You must expect great things of yourself before you can do them ? #WBFF #WBFFPro #WBFFWorlds #limitless

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WBFF Australia is just around the corner!! Who's ready to own that stage!? #aussie #WBFF #WBFFPro @wbff_aust ??????

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