Ken Shamrock On If Kimbo Slice Fight Was Fixed, If He'll Fight Again, Joe Rogan Being "Wrong," More

Ken Shamrock appeared on Submission Radio to discuss his recent fight with Kimbo Slice and allegations that the fight may have been "fixed." They sent us these highlights:

Why he couldn't finish Kimbo on the ground:

"Well it's frustrating for me too, because when I look back on it I just can't believe I couldn't finish it. And it really was just basically the excitement, you know? It felt like I was dominating him. I controlled his wrists in the clinch, I controlled his body in the corners, I controlled takedowns, I was able to take him down pretty easily twice, and then he gave up his back and I put my hooks in, and it just felt like everything was easy and I felt stronger. And instead of just working and using technique, when I threw the choke on – immediately when I threw the choke on, I tried to use power and strength just to choke him out, you know? I was just overexcitement, you know? I got the position that I wanted and I was gonna finish it quickly, and then I made a lot of mistakes. I mean trying to squeeze in on there and then not being able to, and I was squeezing it, not being able to balance myself on his back and make sure that I stayed where I was supposed to be in case he wanted to come up. And you know, it's just stupid mistakes. There's nothing I can do about it. I look back on it, it was idiotic and dumb, but you know, I'm human, and I went in there and I did the best I could. I made a mistake and I paid for it."

If it was true that Kimbo was talking to him during the clinch and what exactly Kimbo said:

"That's correct, there was talking. When I had his wrist – and it was after I took him down the first time and he got back up and I had him in a front face lock and I had his wrist controlled – he told me to let him go. "let me go, let's bang, lets bang" and then I knee'd him in the face, on the side. I had it and he goes "is that all you got" and I said "no, no, baby. I got something else for ya" and that's when I took him down and got his back and tried to choke him out."

If he was surprised that Kimbo was able to escape the submission:

"Listen, Kimbo didn't escape it. What happened was that I went in for the choke and tried to slip the choke in tighter, and when I did that, I turned my body sideways on his back and I slipped off. It wasn't what he did, it was what I did. It was my mistake, nothing that he did 'cause he didn't do anything other than let me fall off his back."

His response to Joe Rogan and some of the MMA community believing his fight with Kimbo was fixed:

"Why in the world would someone in Joe Rogan's position sound off on something like that when there's no proof, when it's just speculation of his thoughts of what he thought. That could literally ruin somebody's career. That's like me going out there and telling his wife that he cheated on his wife, yet I don't have any proof, but someone just said something. Those are things, when you say them being in a professional position where you have the people's ear and you have a responsibility to make sure that whatever you say, you can back up, that you could prove, and not just say it because you think it. Because you ruin people's lives on something that you have no proof. And he's wrong what he's saying. He's wrong what he's saying, and therefore he could have ruined my career and my life on what he's saying, when there's no proof to it."

If the fight was really "fixed":

"I swear on everything that I love, my family, my god, everything that I love. That fight was not fixed. And the people that are saying it are saying it because they're angry or they lost a bet, because they bet in Vegas, or they're just trying to be hurtful. That's it."

If he will fight again:

"Absolutely. What I did in that fight, if you look at the body of work that I did, it was completely domination over a guy that was supposed to be stronger a guy than me, that was supposed to be bigger, stronger, and obviously you look at what happened when I signed to do this fight. A lot of the same people that are saying the fight was fixed, almost all of them said I should have never been in the ring, "I can't, I'm 51, I'm too old, I can't compete at that age". And now they're saying I can't lose. Now they're saying there's no way I could have lost. So I'm really confused on these guys and the way they think, because one minute I can't fight and I shouldn't be in the ring, and the next minute I can't lose. They've lost their mind.

"I'm gonna be better next time I get in the ring because It's not gonna be seven years before I get back in the ring again. So I'm gonna be better the next time I go out, so why would I stop now when I've already put in a great body of work and I can get better."

If he'd be open to fighting Royce Gracie next:

"I'll tell ya, Royce Gracie is the one I want to fight. I mean it's been a long time coming. That second fight that we had, he's the one saying "oh it was a draw, it was a draw" and I think anyone who watched it knows it's not. But in my opinion, man let's do this third one. The whole tour that I'm on right now when I came back, was to get fights that were unfinished. And Kimbo jumped up, I got that. Royce has gotta be the next in there. I want that one so bad, but I don't want people just to think this either, because if I ever get the opportunity to fight Kimbo again, then I'm going to jump at that. Because in my opinion, man, he got lucky. But whatever, he won the fight. I give him props to it."

How the third fight with Royce would play out differently to their previous two:

"Oh man, [I would be] so much more knowledgeable. When I fought Royce I was two and a half years in, and he had all the experience behind him, and then the training of the education of training. We weren't all there. We were developing these – I developed to sit in the pocket and ground and pound. So all of this ground and pound, I developed that in order to fight Royce. So there's so much more of a development that I've had since that time when I was just learning on the fly. While I was in the ring I was learning how to fight these guys. So now with all the education that I have and the understanding that I have, there's no way Royce Gracie would be able to go with me like he did then. There's no way in my opinion. I'm gonna stop him."

If he would be open to fighting his brother Frank in Bellator:

"I don't exclude anything. I would never just straight out challenge my brother, but if it was fight that he wanted or a fight that made sense then I'd do it. Absolutely."

If he is still planning to do his bareknuckle boxing event:

"Yeah, well actually we're in the process right now. I can't really talk much about a lot of the stuff we're working through right now, but yeah that's gonna happen. And we're just waiting to put the all the, cross the t's and dot the I's right now. So right now it's looking really good. It's something I'm really interested in. No doubt."