Chyna Talks Last Time She Spoke To Vince, If HHH Allegations Hurt HOF Chances, IC Title Reign, More

As noted, I recently spoke to Chyna about her new documentary The Reconstruction of Chyna, which met its goal on Kickstarter this week. You can learn more about the documentary at Below is the interview in its entirety:

You're still the only female to hold a real "men's" title in WWE – I'm not counting the Hardcore title. What does it mean to you to still hold that distinction?

It's amazing, looking back on it. Every day after the fact, I think I realize more what that actually meant. To be able to do that on pay-per-view, have the fans accept it, to be in that position in the first place. To carry that position is what it's all about. That part of it is all very real. The time period for all of that to happen, as the business was exploding and a public company and a billion dollar business, and I was a part of that. All of that was an incredible thing.

How long before winning the Intercontinental title did you know they were going to give you a run with the belt?

We had been moving in that direction, so that was the first step. I knew probably six months (before) that they were going there with me. As a matter of fact, I think we were using that as a step towards going for the World title, but then Playboy became a part of the mix. I think that's when the perception started to change a little bit, because Vince didn't want a Playboy model holding the title. I was fighting for my femininity and fighting for my own style, so there were a lot of changes happening at the same time.

Was there heat on you during your title reign with the boys being jealous? The Intercontinental title was a very prestigious title at the time.

Not that I'm aware of. I had all the support in the world from the guys. People would ask if I was a feminist, and women would say that I would show that women can be strong, and I did all that stuff. The reality is, all those guys behind the scenes ? I had earned their respect and they held me up and made me shine and maintain that position. It was pretty cool.

You also had a pretty fun feud with Chris Jericho during your title run, what was it like working with him?

It was fun! I don't know if I would say fun, because it was tense. There was a lot of pressure on me and whoever was working with me at that time. There were a lot of people pulling at me. There was Hunter on one side, Chris on another, creative on another. I was just kind of doing as told and performing to the best of my ability.

You abruptly left in 2001 as Women's champion. For those who don't know, can you briefly discuss what happened?

It wasn't that I abruptly left, it was that I was abruptly let go, or not let go, 'not needed' was the memo that I got. That was due to me finding out about the affair between Hunter and Stephanie, and that was a real-life issue. There were some personal things that were going on between myself and Hunter. When I found out about that I reached out to Vince immediately. At the television tapings I was having a meeting with Vince and Stephanie and Vince said 'I'll get in touch with you this week,' and 'we love you' and 'that's why you're Chyna' and blah blah blah. I was told that somebody would contact me about renegotiating a new contract. The next thing I know I'm getting a fax saying that 'we won't be needing you' I guess. But I was still under contract. Until this day, I'd love to know what's going on still. Where am I with them?

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When was the last time you spoke with Triple H?

The day Stephanie and Vince booked me at TV, it was like the Red Sea. Hunter never spoke to me. The only time I ever spoke to Hunter again, which wasn't really speaking again, was when he physically came to pick Sean Waltman up for rehab. He just showed up outside my door one day. I was incredibly surprised to see him, but I don't think we even spoke two words. I don't believe I could have spoken two words, either.

How about Vince?

Nope. I haven't spoken to any of them. Not for lack of trying.

You mentioned in a YouTube video that you'd like to make amends with Vince and Triple H. Why do you think they're holding a grudge or staying distant?

I don't know if it's a control issue, or an ego issue, or a power issue. I don't know what it is. I think the old school mindset was 'I have control over the talent and I can't lose control over them.' I don't know what's the beef, maybe that I can't make it on my own without them. Maybe it's the jealousy between Vince and me and Hunter.

Did you hear Hunter's comments about you and the Hall of Fame on Stone Cold's podcast?

Yes, I did.

What were your feelings on that?

Well when he said 'If my 8 year old kid Googles her, she's going to see you know.' Do you think he meant [adult film company] Vivid?

I assumed he meant Vivid.

Because if it's adult related material, that would take me back to a place I don't want to go. Back with Shawn, you know. If it were my choice to work with Vivid, I would ask what was wrong with that choice? I didn't do anything illegal, I didn't hurt anyone, it was a great experience for me. I've got nothing but positivity out of it. It makes me feel like I'm beautiful. One industry casting a stone at another billion dollar industry that millions of people watch. If their reason's that they're PG or whatever, why haven't I been in the Hall of Fame before the adult film industry. Also, there's nothing PG about wrestling if you ask me. It's a contact sport, it's storyline, people are throwing each other around, and having personal issues. That's a road I choose to not go down because what other people of done. Everyone deserves to be in the Hall of Fame for their contributions, so why shouldn't I? If I had my 8-year old going online and Googling my name, let's go on half the websites they go on. Hateful people in general, conversations, social media. It's disturbing sometimes.

Have you heard about the rumors of Sunny possibly signing with Vivid? If [porn] does disqualify someone from the Hall of Fame, do you think they would take her out of the Hall of Fame if she did that?

Yes [she heard about Sunny talking with Vivid]. But if you're in to taking people out of the Hall of Fame, you'd have to go down the list again. Then you're dealing with a whole different issue. Sunny's also already done stuff like that years ago, I think. Sunny was a sex symbol on WWE. That's how she got her fame.

You have the new documentary, The Reconstruction of Chyna. When did that start, and how did that idea come about?

We started filming June 9. I come back from Tokyo after living this whole different life and teaching. There's all this other stuff about Chyna 2015 that people aren't aware of. We're trying to show how the perception of pop culture and the media can be shown through my own personal experience as I do all these interviews. Here I am 15 years later trying to show all of these things I'm doing. There's an evolution that perhaps the media perception has not been favorable of. I'm going to change that. In changing that, I'm addressing all of these issues now. Find out why I'm not in the Hall of Fame. See what I've been up to for 15 years. Now I'm an executive producer on a documentary, that's a pretty cool thing. I've been teaching corporate English in Tokyo for four years. I've been doing yoga. I'm a vegan. My entire lifestyle, on top of what I've accomplished in the ring. I want to show that stuff. I think it's a compelling story I can tell that a lot of people can relate to. Because of the Kickstarter we're doing, this movie is by the fans, for the fans. None of us are getting paid to do this. It's a labor of love and all of the fans are included. That's how it's going to be for the entire year, it's amazing.

You recently went to WWE headquarters. Was that a part of the documentary?

Yes. We're documenting all of that. But really, I'd like to meet with them. I've repeatedly called and wrote and will continue to do so until I get that sit-down meeting. Personal reasons, financial reasons, contractual?let's see what's going on. I need to know

What happened when you went to their offices in Stanford?

Well we were abruptly turned away. It was as cold as ice in there. I went to take the picture, then we're told to basically take our leave. They weren't having any of it. Definitely an icy atmosphere.

You've recently made some claims about Triple H, which he vehemently denied. Do you think that hurt your chances of getting in to the Hall of Fame?

One doesn't have anything to do with the other. I'll say this about the Hunter thing ? that was stuff I have not brought up, I didn't want to bring up. I was asked a question I wasn't prepared for and it happens. Of course he's going to deny it, he has to deny it. That's a whole different issue. He and I were there, we both know what happened. That's a matter we need to discuss privately and just stop it. I don't need to go there, I never did... He and I need to sit down together and have a conversation. I'm proud of Hunter and where he is. I wish him nothing but happiness. That's where I'm coming from. I'm not malicious or vindictive. That's why I feel so passionate about being in the Hall of Fame.

I think most of the fans would agree you belong in there.

A lot of the fans are like 'let it go' and make it a personal issue. It's a part of the media and pop culture I was talking about. So I go on talk shows and radio shows and that's what gets the ratings and that's the first thing I'm bombarded with. People will never let that go. That's not where I want to go. There's a lot more happening now.

Your careers are so intertwined, there probably will be a day when Triple H does take over for Vince McMahon. How do you think he'll do in that role?

He's the man for it. Always was. He loves that business, always has. As I said, I'm very proud of him. I wish him nothing but happiness.

What else are you up to? Is getting back into the business something you want to do, or is that something you just kind of look at as the past?

I'm up to this film. In the interim, I'm traveling not only all over the country, but all over the world. There are interviews and appearances rolling in every day. In the mean time, I'll do my physical fitness and start a new website. That's my year, from June 9 to June 9. It's a whole new world to me, with all this social media. I'm a different person. Maybe not a different person, maybe more cultured. Mind, body, soul. I wouldn't say getting back into the business, because in my heart I'll always be a part of this business. Every appearance I do, my name is legally Chyna.

We definitely urge our readers to help donate to the Reconstruction of Chyna [Note: The project has reached its goal]. Thanks a lot.

Thank you, from me. It's really special. All of the support I've been getting is magnificent, it means a lot.

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