I spoke with recent TNA departure Gunner recently about his release from the company, as well as winning a pay-per-view tournament in his last match with the company. We'll have the full interview up in two installments starting next week.

Last used at the television tapings in February, Gunner was booked to win a One Night Only tournament over the likes of Mr. Anderson, Bram, and MVP. Gunner said that despite the confusing booking prior to being released, he had an idea of why he was cut. He also didn't shy away from sharing his feelings on how he had been used.

"I truly believe releasing me is just something trying to free up money," Gunner said. "I'm 33, but there's bigger doors opening up for me. I felt like I was underutilized, and I told them that. I don't know if that was something that made them mad. We did those tapings in February, and there was a day I did four matches, and me and Bram were the last two guys in the tournament."

Gunner also told me that story line issues kept him off of the TNA tapings in May. He was bought to the tapings and not used. He said despite the release, his career target is to end up in WWE.

"The tapings in May that I was a part of, the story lines got a little jacked up and I suffered from that," Gunner said. "I always felt like there was a place for Gunner. I'd been there for six years, I'd paid my dues. I drove up for a year and a half on my own in 2009 and 2010 to work security to get a job. I honestly felt like it was a slap in the face, but a blessing in disguise. My ultimate goal is wrestle for WWE or a company that's going to use me right."

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