Cody Rhodes Addresses Stardust Critics; Explains Why The Name Means So Much To Him, More

Cody Rhodes returned to WWE television Monday Night for the first time since the passing of his Hall of Fame father "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes. For weeks, many speculated whether Rhodes would return under his former persona, or that of the unorthodox Stardust. As it turns out, the latter appeared as a heel, no less, leaving some viewers confused as to how to react.

Rhodes took to Twitter Tuesday afternoon to address the situation, saying on his protected account, "Troubled seeing some people think I'd allow or be comfortable w/the worst thing that's ever happened to me be exploited on TV for a 'return.'"

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In addition to this, Cody offered up an explanation as to why the name "Stardust" means so much to him personally. He noted that his father had him referee his first match for Turnbuckle Championship Wrestling, and gave him a referee's shirt with the name "Stardust" embroidered on it. In addition, Chad Dukes also posted this vintage photograph of "The American Dream" with the name "Stardust" on his trunks.

If that wasn't enough, longtime rival of Dusty Rhodes, "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair stated on a recent episode of his podcast Woo! Nation that Jim Crockett's plane that used to transport he and Dusty was named "Star Dust."

Chad Dukes contributed to this article.