Daniel Bryan Comments On Hulk Hogan Controversy

With everyone weighing in on the news of Hulk Hogan being fired following a racial tirade, former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan was put on the spot as well. Bryan appeared on 105.3 the Fan ans was asked about the incident.

Bryan said despite how big the buzz ended up being, he really hand't heard much about it because he'd been doing interview circuits to promote his new book.

"I've never seen that side of him and it's crazy, all this stuff," Bryan said. "The first time I heard about it was an interview about 20 minutes ago, because I've been doing book-signing stuff like all day."

Bryan said that he's not known Hogan to talk the way he did in the tapes in any of his interactions. The two had previously appeared as judges together on WWE Tough Enough, before Hogan was pulled from the program in light of the incident.

"I got back to my hotel room at about 10-or-11-o'clock last night, and I woke up this morning just in time to start doing phoners," Bryan explained. "Everyone is like, 'Hey! What do you think about this thing with Hulk Hogan?' I'm like, 'Wait, what thing? What are you talking about?' I had no idea. So, yeah, not in any of my dealings with him."

You can listen to the full interview at this link.