A couple follow-ups on items from yesterday:

First, we noted that 2K Sports announced that Hulk hogan s being removed from the upcoming WWE 2K16 video game. In a sense, this is notable because the game is being heavily hyped around the fact that it will have, by far, the largest roster in the history of officially licensed WWE video games.

They followed this up with a somewhat more surprising move, as the paid downloadable content (or DLC) you can buy to add Hogan to last year's WWE 2K15 game has been removed from the Xbox Live and Playstation Network stores. This means that someone buying the game now can no longer get Hogan, though the DLC is still available for fans who already bought it.

In addition, Sean Ross Sapp posted some of the more outlandish comments that Roddy Piper made on The Rich Eisen Show yesterday. The segment is now on YouTube, which you can watch above, allowing those of us without DirecTV to see it. While the interview appears to have been booked to promote Piper's soda and graphic novel, he was asked about Hogan's racist comments and the results were strange, to say this least. For example:

When I would go into Madison Square Garden, I wasn't the most popular guy. Madison Square Garden there's 16,000 Puerto Ricans with knives and great radios and stuff. They pick it up from L.A. That's how they knew that I was there.

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