Brooke's Past Comments On Hulk's Reaction To Her Dating Rapper, HTM On Hulk Hogan, More Hogan News

- Global North Wrestling sent us the video above of The Honky Tonk Man discussing WWE cutting ties with Hulk Hogan following the release of several racist comments Hulk made in 2008. Honky Tonk Man called the incident a "terrible situation" during a radio appearance on Bob FM 103.7 in Brockville to promote his August 14th GNW match in the town.

"Given the way society's running today, I understand it," Honky said. "Can they do it? Should they do it? It's their business. It's run by one man, and if he wants to do it that way, then so be it.

"You can't erase the history books, you can't go back and take every video clip and every magazine and every photo and destroy it. Come on, let's get real."

- As noted, the controversial comments made by Hogan in 2008 were referring to his daughter Brooke being involved with the son of "a black billionaire guy." It is believed that Hogan was referring to SoBe Entertainment founder Cecile Baker, whose son Yannique Barker, a.k.a. Stack$, was dating Brooke around that time. Stack$ appeared in the lead single for Brooke's album The Redemption, which is in the video above. The couple also appeared on Howard Stern in 2009, and Stern asked her point blank if Hulk had an issue with her dating someone who was half African American and half Caucasian.

"My dad likes him," Brooke said. "My dad likes Stack$ a lot. He's actually the first guy my dad has liked!"

- Speaking of Brooke, her country EP Girlfriend will be available for pre-order on iTunes this Tuesday.

- Rebel Media sent us the video below of them fan reactions to the Hulk Hogan controversy in Toronto: