Source: Indian Express

The Indian Express recently profiled The Great Khali's wrestling school, the Continental Wrestling Entertainment (CWE) academy. The full interview is at this link. Below are a few quotes:

Working with John Cena and Vince McMahon's reaction:

"A good match is about the chemistry between opponents. I loved working with Cena. He was always receptive to my ideas, even if they weren't good. Because he was ready to try things, we delivered a great match. When we got backstage, McMahon hugged me and said I had put on a great show."

Receiving painkillers from Randy Orton early in his career to help with knee pain:

"The pills were so strong that I couldn't feel my legs. My foot kept slipping and I fell."

Not needing to run his wrestling school that's losing money:

"But I want to. I still want to keep some connection with this industry. This was something I was born to do. I was always meant to be Khali. I dream of wrestling all the time. And then I get up and I realise that I am not wrestling anymore. But I still keep my pants with me both in India and in Houston. You never know."

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