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Recap video of last week airs.

Jeff and Karen Jarrett are opening the show. Jarrett talks up tonight's show and hypes the Ethan Carter/PJ Black match for the TNA world title. Jeff talks about Global Force and claims it has "woken up" the wrestling world. The crowd chant "Global Force", interestingly enough. A disgruntled-looking Ethan Carter comes out. Tyrus is with him. He talks trash to them and makes fun of Jeff's southern accent. Karen calls him a brat. She implies he's behind all the recent backstage attacks. Carter denies it and asks where her evidence is. That's a very good question. Karen isn't exactly Miss Marple. She can't just go around accusing people of crimes. Jeff tells him if he doesn't compete tonight the title will be vacated. Jeff says it's his call.

Bram vs. Mr Anderson in an open mic challenge is next. Drew suspects it was Eli who attacked him last week, so those two will face off in a No DQ bout later tonight.

Bram vs. Mr Anderson in an open mic match

I guess the rules are you have to climb the ladder to get the mic then you win the match? Anyway, this gets off to a great start when Anderson drive Bram through the table after the bell has barely rung. Bram is able to wrestle control of the match and hits the DDT and goes to get the ladder. Bram goes under the ring for weapons. These two are going absolutely viciously at each other. They're both taking real risks. Bram is able to reach the mic but Anderson hits the jack knife on the chairs and is able to get his hands on the mic. He smashes Bram's head with it and cuts a promo. Anderson wins.

Winner: Mr Anderson

Bobby Roode meets Jeff Jarrett backstage. He's angry about not being in more main events. I miss when he didn't just whine constantly. Carter says he's tired of the Jarretts and hopes Dixie won't let them take his belt away.

We see James Storm in the ring. Storm defends his recent behavior. He calls out Khoya, who promptly comes out.He tells Khoya he made him and he should be grateful. But he wants to at least make amends and wants Khoya back in the The Revolution. Khoya isn't too keen and says so. He just wants to dance with all the fans. Storm gets mad and Abyss and Manik help him attack their ex-friend.

We see Gail Kim backstage. The women's cage match is up next.

Black is being interviewed by Borash about the main event when Young interrupts. He threatens to take his belt.

Gail Kim vs. Marti Belle and Jade in Six Sides of Steel

Well, Gail has her hands full. Marti and Jade dominate to start with and get some two counts off of kicks and legsweeps to start with. Gail fights back, though, with rolls and reversals and dropkicks. Gail almost climbs out at one point but turns back so she can beat up the girls some more. She dives on to them. She then hits an Eat the Defeat on Marti to win the match. Fine match but it didn't exactly do wonders for Marti and Jade.

Winner: Gail Kim

Dixie is backstage talking with Jeff. EC3 shows up and she makes it clear to him he's going to defend his belt tonight or be stripped of it. Gail is around and wants to confront Taryn.

Matt Hardy tells EC3 they aren't done yet. Tyrus and Matt go at it. Matt is coming off as a bit unreasonable, to be honest. He did lose fair and square. Is it just me or is Carter coming off a little babyface-like lately? I mean, he probably is on to something when he tells everyone they can't trust the Jarretts, isn't he?

Eli Drake vs Drew Galloway

Short match, Galloway won after a suplex and a Krypton Krunch to Eli Drake through the table. Drake's new in-ring gear is ridiculous. Things spilled out onto the floor early on and it turned into a real brawl. They went at each other with tables, steel chairs and even the ring steps. I guess this is the end of their feud? It doesn't seem like Eli was the one who attacked Drew backstage either.

Winner: Drew Galloway

Backstage, Velvet Sky and Gail Kim handcuff Taryn to a pole while she's all weeping and hysterical. Then Velvet sends the camera man away. Weird. Is Russo back and we didn't hear about it?

Eric Young is out there cutting a promo about how amazing he is. Melendez confronts him and insists on a rematch. Young refuses and says he has nothing to prove to anyone. Melendez won't back down, so Young agrees...if his prosthetic leg is a trophy! Melendez accepts. The two then brawl and Melendez gets the upper hand. Yeah, Russo is definitely back.

Dixie and Jeff talk some more backstage. She says she's prepared to strip Carter of the belt if he refuses to perform. Jeff appears to have more on his mind. Mysterious.

Brodus Clay vs. Matt Hardy

Hardy won fairly quickly with two twists of fate. Carter ran out and attacked him with the title belt after the match. He tells Jarrett to send out PJ Black.

Winner: Matt Hardy

Here comes Black. Ad break.

Ethan Carter vs. PJ Black for the TNA World Title

Crowd is into both guys, oddly enough. Some good athletic moves early on, including a cool sit out powerbomb from Carter and a corkscrew dive from Black to the outside of the ring. Black hit the springboard 450 splash but Carter shocked everyone in the building by kicked out.In the end, Carter reversed the Air Black and hit the One Percenter to keep his belt. Decent showing from both guys. Black is showing a lot more fire and charisma than he did in WWE.

Winner and still TNA World champion: Ethan Carter

Jeff tells Dixie backstage he wants to run Impact on a weekly basis. Dixie has a good feeling about it and will mull it over. Oh, Dixie. Poor, naive Dixie. This heel turn could not be more obvious if Jeff wore a sigh that said "I AM SECRETLY PLANNING TO TAKE OVER!" Listen to you nephew, lady. He knows what's up with Jeff.

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