Mark Henry Says He's Retiring Soon, Talks About Who He Wants To End His Career, More

Mark Henry has been ramping up the conversation about possibly retiring of late, and his appearance on the latest WNS Podcast

Henry said that after almost 20 years, he'd like to go out in a special manner, with perhaps even the WWE fans deciding what his final match would be. Still, Henry said the retirement is coming.

"I want to go out in dramatic fashion," Henry explained. "Win, lose or draw I want to have a retirement match and a lot of guys have done it. Maybe even let the WWE Universe decide what my match will be. I'm not sure yet but it's imminent. It's coming."

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His retirement has clearly been weighing on him, as he already has an opponent in mind as it pertains to sending him off into retirement. Henry singled out currently sidelined WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan as the person he'd like to end his career.

"Daniel Bryan is one of my favorite wrestlers. As a talent, as an entertainer, the way our fans love and revere him. There's never been a match he and I have been in where it was bad. He is one that I would definitely like to consider. He's been gone a long time dealing with injuries and I know how that feels and I know that somebody like Daniel with his credentials would be really cool," Henry said.

Henry famously cut his fake retirement speech short in June 2013, as he attacked John Cena. You can hear Mark Henry's full interview above.