Karen Jarrett Talks Not Wanting To Go Back To TNA, Match With Chyna, GFW Duties, TV Tapings

I spoke to Global Force Wrestling's Karen Jarrett yesterday for an exclusive interview to talk about this Friday's GFW television tapings at the Orleans arena in Las Vegas. We also spoke about her time in TNA, including her passionate promo earlier this year.

There will be a VIP Meet and Greet with the stars of GFW this Friday night prior to GFW AMPED in Las Vegas at The Orleans Arena at 6pm. Names scheduled to appear at the meet and greet include Karen Jarrett, PJ Black, Brian Myers, Nick Aldis (formerly Magnus), Bobby Roode and more. You can get more information or purchase tickets at gfwtickets.com.

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What was it like being back in TNA for you?

"Very stressful. I had many mixed feelings about returning back to the Impact Zone. We pulled it off, Jeff definitely had the right idea on how to handle things, but it was stressful. A lot of emotion, a lot of anger."

Your passion really came through in that promo. What was the reaction backstage after it?

"Silence. In the wrestling world, we call it a promo, but it was real. All of those feelings, all of the words that were said, it was real. Sometimes it's hard for people to understand, but that's our real life. It was a tough decision whether or not we wanted to lay that out in front of the rest of the world."

What do you think that the TNA-GFW agreement meant for Global Force Wrestling?

"We definitely got our name out there. We got visibility and exposure. Not just for the company, but on a personal note, but when Jeff and I walked away, people wondered what happened. There was a lot of speculation, a lot of rumors. We were able to tell our side, and also get great exposure for that company."

Is working with TNA something you could see yourselves doing in the future?

"(laughs) You're asking some fun questions. I don't know where Jeff stands on that. My opinion on it is that we need to leave that in the past."

It seems you're relieved that Jeff has nothing to do with TNA.

"I am. It caused a lot of stress in our lives because of that situation and Global Force Wrestling is our life now. I'm glad it's all in our rearview mirror."

GFW has tapings coming up this weekend at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas. There's a pretty diverse roster. How important was that for you all to establish?

"I think it's extremely important to have a diverse roster. Not everybody likes the same thing. Not everybody is going to tune into the same thing, and I think that's what wrestling is missing right now."

What are your duties with Global Force Wrestling?

"Oh my gosh, I try to stick my nose in everywhere that I can, and I'm pretty much told that I need to mind my own business and let Jeff run the show (laughs). I give my input when needed with the talent and charities and the show. A little bit everywhere. We're a team, but obviously he's been around the business a lot longer than I have and knows what he's doing so I take his lead and wherever he directs me, I go. I try to give my two cents whenever it's needed. It's not always taken greatly though (laughs)."

Would you be opening to returning as an on-screen character for GFW?

"I am. I love being on-screen, but one of the things I've found that Jeff told me that I never understood, is there's nothing like finding somebody, giving them a character and some great attire and making them and sending them out to the ring. Hearing the crowd go crazy and watching them be able to live out their dreams. I love being a part of the backstage, there's nothing like it."

What can fans who attend these Global Force tapings expect?

"All four of our champions are going to be crowned. Jeff and I are the only two who have seen the championship belts, and they are awesome. I know there's a link between Shane Helms and the person we used. They're going to get to see a diverse roster. It's going to be a show filled with action and drama, it's what the wrestling world is missing right now."

You also had a match with Chyna a few years ago. What was the preparation for that like?

"What was that? Who does that to someone? I was a nervous wreck. Not only was it with Chyna, but with my ex-husband. I was just waiting on something horrible to happen and me not be able to walk after or something. That was stressful. I was nervous, I was scared. A lot of what people saw on my face in that match was real emotion (laughs). I've been in the wrestling business a very short time, but the different angles I've been in have tapped in to my real life, so what people have seen is real emotion and real anger. When I was running away in that match, I was really scared."

Do you think that having real, personal angles like that has been good or bad? You tap into your real emotions a lot, it seems.

"Probably could say a little bit of both. Anybody who is able to portray their feelings and emotion, whether it's real or not, it's an extension of yourself. You just amp it up a little bit."

How were you first approached to be an on-screen character for TNA, and to do the match with Chyna?

"For me to start with TNA, it was actually Kurt's idea and my idea. The match with Chyna, gosh I don't know who it was, and I don't know that any of the three would take the blame, whether it was Kurt, Jeff or Vince Russo. I don't know whose fault it is that I was put in that position (laughs). It was fun. All of those things brought us where we are today, right?"

What were your thoughts when Jeff decided he wanted to start a new company?

"I think with TNA, it got to a point where he wasn't happy. I saw it every day when he was coming home. He wasn't able to do what he's great at. It was a mutual decision. We thought about it for a few years before he made that final decision and took that step towards moving on. You always want to grow and be able to do more and accomplish more in life, and he was in a place where he wasn't able to do that."

Earlier this year, it looked like cable couldn't get enough wrestling. Now, that's faded out a bit. How does that affect GFW?

"Right now we're in the process of negotiating with multiple networks around the world. Wrestling goes in cycles. Next month it'll be a different story. It's helped in some ways, hurt in some ways, but the business goes in cycles."

What would you want fans unfamiliar with GFW to know about the company?

"That it's different. We're documenting real life stories. It's real. You'll see the guys on the road, at home. You'll get to see diverse roster. Whether it's the NEX GEN match, the women's match, tag team, any type of wrestling you want to see, you'll be able to tune in and see it on Global Force Wrestling. We're trying to reach every fan base, men, women, to people that are looking for something like PJ Black."

Also tell the fans where they can follow you on social media.

"Oh my goodness, GlobalForceWrestling.com, obviously. Global Force Wrestling on Twitter, Instagram, Youtube. Of course you can follow Jeff Jarrett, Karen Jarrett, and our amazing roster. You can go to Global Force Wrestling's website to find all the links."

There will be a VIP Meet and Greet with the stars of GFW this Friday night prior to GFW AMPED in Las Vegas at The Orleans Arena at 6pm. Names scheduled to appear at the meet and greet include Karen Jarrett, PJ Black, Brian Myers, Nick Aldis (formerly Magnus), Bobby Roode and more. You can get more information or purchase tickets at gfwtickets.com.