Big Show Not Injured At WWE Live Event In Belfast

It appears Big Show was not injured at tonight's WWE live event in Belfast, Northern Ireland after all. Several readers sent word that Big Show was just selling and actually did some comedy to end the match with Kane.

After the pin, Show stood up and did a "Ric Flair flop" and hit the mat. A second referee ran down to help Show to the back but both referees couldn't lift Show so one covered him while the other counted a comedy pin. Show did check his shoulder while heading to the back but he left on his own.

Our correspondent apologized for the miscommunication and noted that when Show was first selling the chokeslam through a table, the referee did call for medics but waved them off after a few seconds, likely part of the selling. We apologize for the incorrect report. The Big Show confirmed that he was fine on Twitter, writing: